Kumar Sanu partners with Flamingo to launch NFT collection

Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu has partnered with the upcoming NFT marketplace Flamingo to launch his NFT collection. The popular melody king’s NFT series will include exclusive video and audio of his unreleased songs, clips from his first audition, a narration in his own voice about his struggles and wins as an artist, autographed digital memorabilia and collectibles, behind-the-scenes of some of his most popular songs, a walkthrough of his house, and much more. Kumar Sanu’s NFT collection will soon be available exclusively on the Flamingo.

Flamingo Group Pty Ltd is an Australia based company that has collaborated with US-based ITES company, Doch LLC to design and develop the Flamingo NFT Marketplace. About 5% of the proceeds from Sanu’s NFT sales will be deployed towards charitable ventures.

Sanu, said that NFTs have opened up a new way to engage with his fanbase and introduce them to defining moments of his personal and professional life. “As an artist, I have always been keen to find newer ways and new mediums to express my music and connect with my fans. I am thrilled to take this journey forward through NFTs and digital art,” said the singer.  

Sulalit Biswas, CEO, Flamingo Group Pty Ltd, said, “We are excited to partner with Kumar Sanu to launch his NFT collection. Our marketplace will be live within the next one month and our aim is to provide a platform for artists to capitalise on their unique creations and find new ways to engage with their fanbase. We look forward to associating with many more artists in the future and reach brand new segments of music lovers and collectors”

Biman Das, Founder, Flamingo Group Pty Ltd, said, “We are thrilled to debut our NFT marketplace through our partnership with Kumar Sanu. Collecting digital art is slowly becoming a global phenomenon and we are excited about the prospect of providing a platform for artists to have a deeper and meaningful engagement with their fans.”

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