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Kannada music review from the first half of September 2019



The Kannada releases in the 1st half of September are an interesting concoction of genres and moods. With no big-ticket films on view, it is good to see the smaller films making the most of their time in the sunshine.


Kolaladena – Savarnadeergha Sandhi – Mano Murthy – Mano Murthy Music


Mano Murthy is a master of melodies and this pious melody is proof enough. Shreya Ghoshal is excellent in the execution of this devout melody that may have got a little more mileage had it released a month ago during ‘Janmashtami’!

Rating – 8/10


Helade Kelade – Geetha – Anup Rubens – Anand Audio


The guitar portions in the 1st interlude briefly invoke nostalgia with a throwback to ‘Mungaru Male’ days. Rajesh Krishnan & Ananya Bhat complement each other nicely. The harmonious ‘Neralu Seri Neralige’ phrase that repeats through the song is apt!

Rating – 7/10


Doora Doora – Baddi Magan Lifu – Ashic Arun – Haadio


Aneesh Vidyashankar’s solo violin leads this track that is backed by the Cochin Strings. The string passages are absorbing. Vijay Prakash anchors this reflective melody with his ever-dependable vocals.

Rating – 8/10


Manase Maya – Mundina Nildana- Masala Coffee – PRK Audio


Masala Coffee, who gave us the superb “Kaantha’, bring their unique sound to this track, sung by band members Sooraj Santosh & Varun Sunil who relay the lines beautifully. Arshad Khan’s esraj (interestingly there is a reference to the Sarangi in the lyrics, by Kiran Kaverappa, that ensue) in particular & the guitars (Preeth P S, David Crimson & Paul Joseph) are excellent! The music video featuring Ananya Kashyap is also aesthetically done.

Rating – 8/10


Daya Shankar (Drums), Krishna Raj (Violin), Joe Johnson (Keys) & Kenneth Gerald (Keys) are the other members of the band, apart from the vocalists and guitarists, that was formed in 2014.

Yoo Yoo – Bharaate – Arjun Janya – Anand Audio/


This is Vijay Prakash at his best! Arjun hands him a trippy track and he cuts loose. I wish they had credited the artists behind the backing vocals and the splendid Saxophone. This one is on loop!

Another good thing about the song is that the hero is asking the heroine’s consent and not imposing himself, unlike the heroes of the past. Some progress! 😀

Rating – 9/10


Naanu Neenu – Pailwaan – Arjun Janya – Lahari Music


This is a nice jaunty track from Arjun that released in the fag end of August as part of the jukebox. Naresh Iyer & Rahul Nambiar bring the right energy along with Sruthy Sasidharan. The brisk flute (uncredited) interlude and the vocal rhythms make for a perfect song to enliven your ‘Filter Kaapi’ mornings.

Rating – 8/10


This song is available only as part of the jukebox and on streaming sites.

Except for the one song listed above, ‘Baddi Magan Lifu’ as an album disappoints. Takkar by Manikanth Kadri doesn’t have anything new on offer either.

The success of Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully boy’, as expected, has had a snowball effect that is evident with the increasing adoption of rap and hip hop genres across the country. The title track of Fighter (Viraj) is a good attempt at it. But there is also ‘Gully Boys’ by MC Ustaad, Rapper CU & Manoj Roxzi, that is a poor imitation of the genre with absurd lyrics, that are incoherent and lack context.

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