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Kannada music releases from the first half of October 2019



Kannada music releases from the 1st fortnight of October were limited and were mostly extensions of movies that had singles released last month. The soundtrack of Lungi by Prasad K Shetty does stand out for its variety and quality.

Oh Moda Nee Nodi – Prarambha – Prajwal Pai – Anand Audio

This is the 3rd outing of Manoranjan Ravichandran, son of the popular actor-filmmaker V.Ravichandran, in as many years. Composer-Singer Prajwal Pai infuses an optimistic and buoyant attitude to the song and the lyrics by Santhosh Naik echo the same. The rap portions by Allok, pivoted around the word ‘Jeevana’, are excellent and add to the zing.

Rating – 9/10

Innunu Bekagide – Mundina Nildana – Vasuki Vaibhav – PRK Audio

After the superb ‘Manase Maya’ by Masala coffee, this is another winner from the team of Mundina Nildana. Vasuki Vaibhav composes, sings and arranges this skilfully. The tune is breezy and romantic and the video is aesthetically shot as well. Vasuki layers the track with a lilting flute (Josy) & harmonium (Ashwin Walawalker). The rhythms (Gurumurthy Vaidya) are first-rate.

Rating – 9/10

Yestu Chanda Ivalu – Kaanadante Maayavadanu – Gummineni Vijay – Anand Audio

This is an excellent follow-up to ‘Kaledodha Kalidasa’ (that was featured in the previous fortnight’s list) by Gummineni Vijay. The delightful tune impresses right away and Santhosh Venky is proficient in handling the free-flowing composition. Apoorva Sridhar offers good support. The arrangements, with a dash of veena & flute and the guitars that shadows faithfully, are done well.

Rating – 8/10

Onti Theera – Lungi – Prasad K Shetty – Anand Audio

This contemplative composition bolstered by the ambient flute and the brooding guitar is short and absorbing. Ananya Bhat is fabulous with the vocals and relays the pensiveness aptly. The harmonica version of the song, that touches upon ‘Nagabeda Ande Naanu’ briefly, is a very good track as well. Unfortunately, the harmonica player is uncredited.

Rating – 8/10

Both these tracks are available only as part of the jukebox in Youtube.



Waste Body – Lungi – Prasad K Shetty – Anand Audio

Sung impressively by Sanjith Hegde, this is a jazzy track by Prasad K Shetty that is engaging from start to finish. The lyrics, by one of the directors, Arjun Lewis are fun and capture the inactive lifestyle of the lead. The guitar portions (Godfrey Immanuel) are good and the punchy end adds value. Fun track!

Rating – 7/10

The other song that warrants a mention is ‘Mudde Mudde’, that attempts to eulogize ‘Ragi Mudde’ the famous staple dish of rural Karnataka. Sung by Anthony Daasan & Sachin Arabali this folk-based song is something you may come across in one of the cabs in the near future. ‘Thakita Thakita’ composed by Gurukiran, for the Shivarajkumar-Anant Nag starrer ‘Aayushmanbhava’ is a nice song in the voice of Vyas Raj. ‘Laitaagi Loveaagide’ with music by Akash Parva didn’t impress with its dated sound.

Despite the limited number of releases, the songs on show were generally impressive and offered good variety.


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