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Kannada Music Releases from the 2nd Fortnight of February 2020 – Reviewed



The second fortnight of February was a mixed bag with some real highs and some that just fizzled out. There were a few songs released in toe with Maha Shivarathri but not one really struck a chord. But as a whole, February showed a lot of promise and delivered as well. With summer holidays coming up one can expect a lot of releases in the next couple of months starting March and we look forward to all of that.

With a lot of releases in this period, the question is if it will live up to the expectations created in the first half ? Let us find out.


Soul of Dia – Dia – Ajaneesh Lokanath – Divo

Chennai Strings and Nadhan’s flute play the perfect foil to this serene duet in the voices of Sanjith Hegde and Chinmayi Sripaada. Chinmayi especially is nectar sweet in the pallavi and the ‘Baa Nanna’ portions. Ajaneesh uses the bass to good effect to go with his trademark arrangements.


Rating – 8/10


Baaro Saadhanakerige – Independent Release-Dr.Da.Ra.Bendre/Raghu Dixit – Raghu Dixit Music

Dr. Da. Ra. Bendre, is a famous Kannada poet, who mostly wrote under the name, Ambikatayanadatta (Datta, the son of Ambika) and was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ in 1968. This song is a call out to folks to come and visit the ‘Sadhanakere’ (lake) in Dharwad, adjacent to which he lived. This poem and its popularity is known to have attracted many visitors to this lake.

Raghu Dixit picks up this popular piece and in collaboration with Grammy-nominated American folk fiddle player Casey Driessen comes up with a splendid version very much in tune with his style. The earlier versions were classical/semi-classical in setup and the folk style that Raghu adopts brings out the inherent joy in the poem (I also liked Sthuthi Bhat’s involved rendition of this poem). Casey’s violin interludes and backing are spectacular. Lovely interpretation!





Maayire – Maduve Madri Sari Hogtane – Avinash Basutkar – Jhankar Music

For starters, the title though listed as ‘Maayire’ is sung ‘Maahi re’. But the song refers to both Maahiya and Maayire towards the end. There is a mention in the comments section by the composer that it is intentional to refer to both Maayi (mother) and Maahi (beloved) here. Sukhwinder Singh is an intriguing choice to sing this one. The composition has a haunting ring to it and the ace singer’s powerful vocals hold it all beautifully together, as he traverses the octaves in his inimitable style. The arrangements featuring a vocal harmony in the interlude and the percussions are apt.


Rating – 8/10


Avala Sareyagide – Maduve Madri Sari Hogtane – Avinash Basutkar – Jhankar Music

Avinash’s composition has an endearing quality to it and Sanjith Hegde and Ankita Kundu are in excellent form and elevate this track with their assured rendition. The flute overlays (uncredited) are sonorous. The ‘Aavarisu Varisu’ portion especially is delectable and guides the song to a nice high.

Rating – 7/10


Muddu Muddu – Navarathna – Vengi – Dbeats Music World

Yazin Nizar’s dependable singing is what keeps this song alive and kicking. The tune and the arrangements by Vengi are standard template.


Rating – 5/10



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