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Kannada Music Releases from the 1st fortnight of February 2020



Sandalwood’s music releases in February 2020 featured mostly upcoming talents. ‘Shivaji Surathkal -The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya’ and ‘Malgudi Days’ had their complete soundtracks released during this period. Here’s a look at what clicked.

Usire, Aparichita & Saavira – Shivaji Surathkal-The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya – Judah Sandhy – Divo

‘Usire’ is Vijay Prakash’s show all the way. He digs into the pensive melody and Judah backs it up with a fine piano and strings led arrangement to enhance the gloominess. The Sitar interlude is refreshing and the song truly takes off with the ‘Ninagashthe Gotthu, Nanadhellaa Mouna’ portion. Lovely track!

Rating – 9/10

In ‘Aparichita’, lyricist Jayanth Kaikini’s wordplay with ‘Aparichita’ & ‘Aparimita’ comes out nicely. The ‘Yaarilla daaga’ portion is lilting and offers a wonderful twist to the primary jazz melody. But the song truly belongs to Shreya Sundra Iyer, who sings it with aplomb. Shreya is also a professional racer with the TVS racing team (their 1st woman rider), apart from being a singer and designer.

Rating – 8/10

‘Saavira’ gains from a sweeping string arrangement and Abhijith Y.R.’s broody rendition. The contemplative melody is a slow burner of sorts and the ambient backgrounds help in keeping with the melancholic mood of the track.

Rating – 7/10

‘Yaaro Nee Yaaro’ is the other track from this lovely soundtrack that has its heart and craft in the right place. I hope this will put Judah in the spotlight and catapult him to the big league and look forward to his future projects. For the record, this is Ramesh Aravind’s 101st Kannada film.

Here is the complete jukebox –

Neene Kaarana – Aadya – Sridhar V Sambhram – Lahari Music

The composition touches a lovely high at the end of the antara and the way it loops back to the addictive title hook with the humming is nicely done. Vijay Prakash owns the track with his assured rendition and embellishes it with some delectable touches, that include a sprightly swara portion. The arrangements are adequate and complement well.

Rating – 7/10

Neenyaaro – Mayabazar 2016 – Midhun Mukundan – PRK Audio

When Bhutto’s serenading flute makes an entry backed by Giridhar Udupa’s Ghata, it evokes fond memories of a typical A.R.Rahman melody. The superb arrangements amplify the impact of this resonant melody that Midhun himself sings with aplomb.

Rating – 8/10

Joru Joraagi – Thurthu Nigamana – Dossmode – Divo

The fleeting vocal harmony between the lead singers Varijashree Venugopal & Suneel Rao (who also plays the protagonist) plays out beautifully. For their part, both Varijashree and Suneel are excellent. The imaginative arrangements, especially the rhythms, stand out.

Rating – 8/10

Oorondu Karedante – Malgudi Days – Gagan Baderiya – PRK Audio

Raghu Dixit is superb in this leisurely road song, ably supported by Vaishnavi Ravi. The strings ensemble featuring the Cochin Strings (arranged by Hitanshu Patnaik & Francis Xavier) is delightfully layered. The visuals are well shot as well.

Rating – 8/10

‘Nenapina Doniyali’ & ‘Amma-Bharavaseya Belaka Bitti’ are other tracks from the album that warrant a mention. A couple of songs from this album had premiered on Youtube by end of January but made to streaming sited only in February.

That marks a glorious week for Kannada music with a lot of good stuff to listen to. Even the ones that did not make it to the list were fairly listenable. It is all the more heartwarming to see that the future of Kannada music is promising considering many of the composers are up and coming talents. The fortnight though, belongs to Judah Sandhy’s ‘Shivaji Surathkal-The case of Ranagiri Rahasya’, for a well laid out album that mostly hits all the right notes. We hope this momentum continues for the rest of the year as well.

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