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Kannada music releases from the second half of September 2019



The 2nd fortnight of September 2019, similar to the 1st half, had a lot of variety on offer with Gantumoote’s (Aparajith Sris) soundtrack offering an evolved sound. There were quite a few good songs, but many of them were content in being part of the jukeboxes and did not release as singles. Nevertheless, a very interesting month for the Kannada music industry with a lot of young talents coming to the fore and experimenting with sounds and genres.


Kaledoda Kalidasa – Kaanadante Maayavadanu – Gummineni Vijay – Anand Audio

Puneeth Rajkumar is easily the biggest draw of this song. It is to the composer’s credit that he comes up with a tune that is perfect for Puneeth’s range and voice and the star laps it up. The tune has an instant likeability about it and Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad’s lyrics fit the composition beautifully. The violin solo (uncredited) in the 1st interlude stands out.

Rating – 8/10



Nagabeda Ande Naanu – Lungi – Prasad K Shetty – Anand Audio

Kishore’s Sitar is the soul of this lovely melody that is made even better by Armaan Malik and Shwetha Mohan’s honeydew vocals. Prasad adds a nice Qawwali-ish interlude complete with claps and harmonium to the second part of the song.

Rating – 8/10



Tharegala – Lakshya – Juevin Singh – AOM Entertainment

Sound engineer turned composer, Juevin Singh hands K.S.Harishankar a soothing composition. The warm melody works beautifully in bringing out the emotional bond between a father and daughter. The portions starting ‘Aa Sanje Hunnime’ are lilting. The pathos version of the song is a good listen as well.

Rating – 7/10




Naa Kaayuve – Lakshya – Juevin Singh – AOM Entertainment

This song is impressive in all its 3 versions – a duet, a male and a female solo. Anuradha Bhat and Vishak Naglapura are credited with the vocals and they are adequate. The song comes to life with the ‘Nee Kaayuve’ chorus that repeats with different lyrics through the song, backed by a pleasing Piano and an engaging string section.

The song and its variants are available only as part of the jukebox.

Rating – 7/10



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Chel Chel Cheluve – Neuron – Gurukiran – DGK Audio Inc

This is a track that has nostalgia written all over it. Firstly, the tune sounds straight out of a 90’s movie. Secondly, Rajesh Krishnan’s rendition reminds one of SPB’s mannerisms and dynamics, especially when he used to sing for Salman Khan in Hindi. Both these observations are meant as a compliment. Gurukiran tops it up with some jazzy saxophone portions. The song soars beautifully with the ‘Rashmika’ reprise.

Rating – 8/10

One song that I kept recollecting while listening to this song was ‘Azhagoviyam’ from the 1997 Tamil film ‘Roja Malare’, that had music by Aadhityan. SPB, Saxophone et al.

‘Onde Ondu Baari’ sung by Sanjith Hegde is a gorgeous track but lasts less than 2 minutes.



Naavu Hadinaaru – Gantumoote – Aparajith Sris – Divo

Gantumoote has a lovely assortment of songs. This one is about the aimlessness of the teens and the lyrics by Roopa Rao encapsulate the struggles and indecisiveness of the school days, going with the film’s backdrop. The ‘Govinda Govinda’ is a nice touch. Gunzilla (Shivarjun) credited with the rap vocals are good.

Rating – 7/10

‘Beesuva Gaaliyu’ sung by Gurupriya, has some fantastic arrangements led by the Sitar, strings and the infectious bongos. The tune ebbs and flows unpredictably and adds to the appeal. This song is available only as part of the jukebox. Interesting track!



Yako Yeno – Nam Gani B.Com Pass – Vikas Vasishta – Lahari Music/T-Series

This is an apt companion piece to ‘Naavu Hadinaaru’ above, just that this talks about struggles during college life. The vocal harmony and the zippy arrangements add to the fun. Naveen Sajju handles the vocals well.

Rating – 7/10



Of the other releases, ‘Aaduve Naanu’ from ‘Shivagami’ (Veersamarth) aims to bring the Chandramukhi out of Shivagami (Ramya Krishna reprises her role from the Bahubali series, in this film). The song reminds one of ‘Raa Raa’ from Chandramukhi (Vidyasagar) and has nothing new on offer. The short and sweet ‘Seetha Kalyana’ from ‘Ranganayaki Volume 1 – Virginity’ (Manikanth Kadri) with a gorgeous Nadhaswaram prelude works primarily for the inherent beauty of the raga Shankarabharanam. ‘Ede Veene’ and ‘Nenapu Hariside’ from Mano Murthy’s ‘Savarnadeerga Sandhi’ are good listens. The Shreya Ghoshal sung ‘Madhu Madhura’ is middling at best.

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