Jubin Nautiyal: ‘One’s talent can pave their path in 2022’  

If anyone can say they’ve had a good 2021, it’s singer Jubin Nautiyal. He’s come a long way from when Sonu Nigam rejected him in the audition round of ‘X Factor India’. Today, he’s one of the biggest Indian singers who’s relentlessly building his music empire, one massive hit after another.

The 32-year-old Dehradun native has belted some of the best songs from this past year, whether it’s ‘Lut Gaye’, the first Indian song to hit over 500 million views on YouTube within 60 days. Or the ‘Shershaah’ track, ‘Raatan Lambiyan’ that’s been on the top of music streaming platforms for months.

The track has received global acclaim recently, thanks to Tanzanian brother-sister duo Kili and Neema Paul whose viral lip sync to Nautiyal’s song has captured the internet.

Now in an exclusive interview with Music Plus, the ‘Ek Mulaqat’ singer spills the beans on what he thinks 2022 will pan out to be.

First off, tell us about your relationship with music. What does it mean to you?

My love and journey for music started at a very young age. I started learning music as a subject in class 10th and 12th, and have been blessed with great teachers.

Music has been part of my life always. It’s been ten years of me officially being in the music industry. But at a very young age I knew this is my path in life. I still feel same way about music as I felt back in those days. I am like a student who still wants to learn, evolve and always explore.

What went through your mind when you were first introduced to ‘Lut Gaye’, did you ever think it would become an anthem for the nation?? 

Honestly, when I got this song I never thought it would become this huge. It came as surprise for me too.

Tanishk’s composition, Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics, Bhushan ji as mentor, I think it was destined to be this special.  It’s a team of some talented artistes coming together for the love of music. I am quite delighted to see it’s the most viewed song of year 2021 on YouTube, even topped multiple music charts globally for long time. I am grateful for the love and appreciation the song has received by fans and audiences worldwide.

Then there’s ‘Raatan Lambiyan’ too. Do you think all that hard work honing your skills and incorporating feedback has got you here today?

‘Raatan Lambiyan’ has been a very special song for me, which is very pure and raw. When I first heard it, I fell for it too.

Absolutely, like I always says, “It’s the 20 years of hard work behind 10 years of working in music industry.”

So what makes a hit track in the 21st century?

There are no special ingredients to make a hit song. No such formula that will get you success in music. The only thing that works is your craft, your art, how you evolve it and mould yourself according to your music.

Music itself is so sacred and innocent that no artificial formula applies to it. The only thing that works is music that you create from your heart and put your soul into it and deliver each aspect of your song with honesty.

Trust me, it’ll touch others’ hearts and souls. And that will bring you success. So just keep working to get better without any fear or doubts in your art.

Tell us about your thoughts on 2022. Do you anticipate any music trends?

I think non- film music scene in India has really blown up beautifully and whenever there is a switch in the music scene, we always come out stronger with a beautiful genre.

I think independent music scene is flourishing in India currently. It’s giving boys like me who belong to small towns a chance to live big dreams. Today, one’s talent can pave their path.

A lot of talented artistes are releasing great music on their independent channels, with minimal marketing and promotion budgets, yet doing so great and that’s the power of good music. That is one thing that makes me believe in the power of music more and more.

What do you want to tell musicians who are trying to make it big?

I would say music is made to express and not meant to impress. When you’re expressing it right, you will impress people but your purpose of doing music or playing music should be done to express what’s inside you.

It is more an internal state than external. Competition is not for artistes, it is for horses. Artistes aren’t supposed to compete with each other. We’re not in a race, artistes are supposed to grow, learn from each other, inspire each other, get better together and  make great music together.

I think, an artiste is a medium of communicating in the language of sound, love and emotions. Life will push you down 99 times, but you have to get up that 100th time.

Don’t struggle, you should hustle. If you’re struggling with it then you’re in the wrong line of work. Go back and better your craft. Get better to the point, that you stop struggling and start having fun.

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