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John Mayer in Shor Police style


OVER seven studio albums and some live recordings, EPs and singles, American singer-songwriter John Mayer has produced an assorted body of work over the past two decades. Naturally, it would be a tough job to select only eight songs for a set lasting around 40 minutes.

Yet, Mumbai group Shor Police, led by Clinton Cerejo on keyboards and vocals, and singer Bianca Gomes, did a good job in selecting a mix of the popular and the under-rated. Thus, the hits Your Body Is A Wonderland and Gravity were accompanied by fan favourites Heartbreak Warfare and Something’s Missing.

Shor Police performed in the latest part of the online Jim Beam Originals series, presented by PayTM Insider and curated and promoted by Turnkey Music & Publishing and Music Plus. Clinton and Bianca were accompanied by drummer Gino Banks, keyboardist Beven Fonseca, guitarist Roland Fernandes and bassist Nathan Thomas.

Though Shor Police retained the basic tunes of the originals, they had to make some major changes. To begin with, Mayer’s songs were written in a solo format, whereas these were presented as duets. That would mean using a different key for Bianca. Finally, they tried to make the songs sound less guitar-centric, with a focus on keyboards.

The set began with Waiting On The World To Change, a song relevant in today’s times, and proceeded on to Still Feel Like Your Man, which has the line “I still keep your shampoo in my shower, In case you wanna wash your hair, And I know that you probably found yourself someone somewhere, But I do not really care, ‘Cause as long as it is there, I still feel like your man”.

Your Body Is A Wonderland, the kick-off point in Mayer’s success, was familiar to the watchers, and Gravity, with its pure melody and moody guitar part, was beautifully rendered. Gino Banks was in great form on Bigger Than My Body, and Belief was a perfect end to the show.


While three songs were chosen from the 2006 album Continuum, one missed songs from Born And Raised and Paradise Valley. Of course, each piece was wonderfully presented. In the virtual post-show backstage chat, Bianca said Mayer is like a school of songwriting. And since he’s kept evolving over the years, covering his songs was obviously a challenge that was met in style.

Narendra Kusnur

Author: Narendra Kusnur

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