Music Manager of South Languages – Radio Mirchi

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About the job

  • Interest in Movies, Music in the specific language.
  • Read & Write in the specific language, multiple lanuguages will be a plus.
  • Knowledge in music like Genres, Artist details, History of the industry, musically trained will be an additional plus.
  • Content Ideation for the app, making playlists based on mood, era, Artist, Actor, Genre, etc and handling new releases.
  • Work with the Social media team to keep the audiences of Social platforms entertained.
  • Creativity is appreciated when it comes to a playlist or programming.
  • Know what’s around, What’s Trending, What’s working around for the particular cohort of audiences.
  • Detailed analysis of the History of music for the particular language, catalogue.
  • Ability to plan for the events (COE) and execute it according to the plan.
  • Note the sentiments/interests/expectations of the market and program accordingly. Being topical with content programming.
  • Be up to date with the movie/music releases and plan prior to that.
  • Aesthetic sense would be a plus. Work with the design team to get artworks done.
  • Ability to work with Google Sheets/ MS Excel. Basic level of number crunching is required
  • Must be an ardent music lover.

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