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ISRA starts Gujarat chapter, Garba organisers soon to pay royalties to singers



The time has come for Garba organisers in Gujarat to pay royalties to singers every time their songs are played at the venues. All thanks to the efforts of the Indian Singers’ Rights Association (ISRA), an organisation which works towards ensuring that singers are compensated rightfully when their songs are played at various venues.

Starting a Gujarat chapter of the organisation, Sanjay Tandon, CEO, ISRA said,

“It gives me great pleasure to have finally launched in Gujarat. With this, singers will be benefited and ISRA will be able to help them get their royalties.”

He added,

“ISRA’s licencing operations will now extend to Gujarat. Any hotel, mall and DJ would have to pay royalty to ISRA if they use or exploit a singer’s recorded song within their premises. ISRA’s approach will be to educate users first and then take action only against the ones who are evading royalties.”

However, this year, DJs will be discounted from paying royalties.

“It’s unfair to ask them to pay up on such a short notice. We will be including them from next year. I am sure with the low royalty fee for a DJ event, jockeys will abide by the law and would not deter from paying to the singers,” said Tandon.

The entire music industry including singers have praised ISRA’s move and they look forward for it to be implemented.

“Royalties were collected by bodies earlier but never distributed to the artists. However, ISRA is a legalised body who will be collecting royalties on behalf of us and distributing them rightfully. It was long due, we singers will be given royalties rightly for the songs we sing. I request all singers to stand in for themselves,” said Keerthi Sagathia, Singer/Performer.

Agreeing with ISRA, Gujarati music composer Parth Thakkar hopes that the Garba organisers obey the new rule and follow it sincerely.

“It’s a great movement if it happens for all the legends who have given their voices to popular songs. In case, if the Garba owners disagree, performers will have to omit those popular numbers from their song list”.

With ISRA’s new rule which works in favour of the singers, many singers including those singing Gujarati songs have registered with ISRA who will collect royalties on their behalf.

The organisation under the leadership of Sanjay Tandon has urged more singers from Gujarat to register themselves with ISRA to get their due royalties.

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