IPRS amplifies the sound of women with #UnleashHERMUSIC campaign

India’s leading music copyright society, the Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), has launched its #UnleashHERMUSIC campaign on International Women’s Day as a spinoff of the HERMUSIC initiative. 

The campaign aims to inspire women to pursue their music and encourage their participation in areas related to music creation, production, and as business leaders in the music industry.

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With over 10,000 members, IPRS represents authors, composers, and music publishers in India. Although there has been an increase in the number of female creators and women behind the scenes in the music industry, they are still under-represented in various aspects. 

To start a dialogue, IPRS has brought together celebrated figures such as Srushti Tawde, Mercy Tetseo from The Tetseo Sisters, Pooja Gyanani, Saaveri Varma, Anwessha Avani, Joshi Vinita Chatterjee, Rajyalakshmu Kousalya, Gauri Yadwadkar, and Priyanka Khimani to share their experiences and inspire many through their learnings.

Moving forward with the #UnleashHERMUSIC initiative, IPRS will conduct a nationwide survey to identify the obstacles that limit the participation of women in the music industry. 

Committee Member Ms. Priya Saraiya, who is also a lyricist, said, “Gender shouldn’t matter. The judgment should be based on talent. With so much music created every day, efforts to highlight genuine talent are much needed. No potential talent should be denied the opportunity due to our preconceived notions.”

Lyricist Saaveri Verma also shared her experience and advice, saying, “I had to convince myself that I am a superb songwriter. This faith I had in myself aided me on my path. Currently, I get a lot of DMs from boys and girls wondering how they may become amazing lyricists. It’s not that difficult in this day and age of social media as you have a platform to promote your production and creations and connect with other creators. Therefore, I would advise you to take a step forward toward your dream and not be scared.”

IPRS’s #UnleashHERMUSIC campaign is a step forward in promoting gender equality in the music industry and highlighting the immense talent and potential of women creators.

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