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IPRS adopts Dataclef Suite to provide transparency and accountability to its members




Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) and Dataclef have announced an expansion of their services agreement. This widens their business relationship from claiming and reports processing to comprehensive back office and rights management services including tariff administration, member self-service tools, and brand support.

Dataclef is the world leader in solutions supporting music licensing, related data management, and digital delivery technology. Dataclef has developed an unprecedented music database from more than 200 world territories, which supports the most authoritative global music services platform ever built. Collection organizations, rights holders, DSPs, and brands can take advantage of our trailblazing music technologies.

“The commencement of this deal will restructure IPRS into a world-class, technology-driven copyright society focused on transparency and efficiency. The Dataclef team’s deep industry and technology expertise makes Dataclef Suite the obvious choice for building the future of Indian copyright management.” said IPRS Chairman Javed Akhtar.

IPRS is India’s only registered copyright society for music composers, lyricists, and music publishers, committed to instituting technology-driven processes that improve member engagement, licensing, and transparency in distribution of royalties.

“IPRS is fundamentally changing how music usage is processed and paid in the Indian music market,” said SOCAN Group CEO Eric Baptiste.


“We are thrilled to be bringing the power of Dataclef Suite to IPRS, the Indian music economy, and the music creators and rights holders who make it an exciting and vibrant market.” 


The Indian music industry has witnessed the entry of many global giants recently. The rise in growth of the streaming services and other platforms, which use music as a tool, ensures that modern, scalable music identification and royalty administration solutions are required for the benefit of the stakeholders.

“What was missing from IPRS since years was a system of transparency and accountability with respect to royalty collection and distribution. Our purpose of engaging with Dataclef Suite is to provide transparency and accountability to all our members. To ensure the correct and fair distribution to their rightful stakeholders. Dataclef Suite is one of the most advanced methods of royalty determination and distribution and systemisation in the world that is why we choose to go with nothing but the best,” asserted Aashish Rego, IPRS Board Member.

On average, Indian music users consume 21.58 hours 3 of music per week, far surpassing the global average of 17.89 hours. With this usage, and unique Indian musical intellectual property, expected to grow in coming years, IPRS is uniquely positioned to support India’s music economy growth and lead the way in auditable, data-focused rights management.

“Technology, information, metadata and trust form the very basis of transparency in song registrations, collection of royalties, processing and reporting royalties. IPRS has taken that huge leap via this relationship with Canada based DataCelf , one of the most advanced technology systems in the world to ensure that it’s publishers , composers and writers have a world – class , industry grade royalty processing system,” Mandar Thakur, COO – Times Music and IPRS Board Member emphasised.

Dataclef Suite, with its flexible APIs, ERP backbone, massive rights and content database, can ensure growth is achieved with maximum payouts and minimum overhead. Dataclef’s exclusive matching technologies and ground breaking agreements structure are purpose-built for the complex, high-scale challenges IPRS is solving.

“With Dataclef Suite, we can manage the scale and complexity of licensing and payment agreements in the Indian music marketplace like no other partner,” said Dataclef COO Janice Scott.

Elaborating further, she said,

“Combined with IPRS’s focus on improving efficiency and transparency through technology, this is the beginning of significant positive financial and operational outcomes for Indian songwriters, musicians, and rights holders.”

IPRS has determined that Dataclef Suite, a fully-configurable agreement-based platform, is perfect for the forward-thinking collection society. IPRS and Dataclef will immediately begin collaborative efforts to deploy and operate the new IPRS back office. The services being planned and assessed include functions, processes, and technologies required to launch a world-class copyright society using Dataclef Suite.

Speaking on the development, Mr Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS elaborated,

“Along with IPRS’ growth, the expectations of our members is also growing. Dataclef  Suitehas the expertise to address this. Dataclef and SOCAN work closely with CISAC to set guidelines, so our association with them will help us meet the guidelines.”

The expansion allows IPRS to bring full-service, data-driven music copyright management to the world’s fifth-largest economy using Dataclef Suite.

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