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Indie music releases from the second half of May 2020- Reviewed



Druv Kent/ Till We Meet Again, self-released

With his pleasant voice and remarkable sense of composition, singer Druv Kent impresses on this number which talks of the loneliness caused by staying away from close ones during the lockdown. The combination of lead guitarist Lebbeus Lau, bassist David Ng and drummer Kabir Shrikent adds to the charm.

The chorus “Take this weight off my shoulders, I need to breathe again; Give me light, give me hope, I need to feel again” has a strong impact. The video, directed by Kent and featuring musicians and friends in isolation, goes perfectly with the song’s theme. Overall, a fantastic number.

Rating: 9/ 10

Pragnya Wakhlu/ Fallin’, self-released

Yet another song featuring those in isolation, this one impresses because of its laidback jazz club feel and an outstanding video, showing how different people feel about love.

Wakhlu’s vocals are marvellous, and she plays guitar too. She’s assisted by keyboardist Rythem Bansal, saxophonist Abhay Sharma, bassist Sonic Shori and drummer Naren Chhetri.

The video has some really sweet shots, specially the ones of a couple exercising, and pairs from different age groups displaying banners. An admirable effort.

Rating: 8/ 10


Dr J/ Angels Among Us, self-released

Here’s a song dedicated to all the frontline healthcare professionals who are on duty during the pandemic. And the interesting thing is that it’s been sung by a doctor himself.

Dr Jarvis Pereira, an ENT surgeon who uses the name Dr J, sings lyrics written by talented musician and songwriter Ernest Flanagan. The video, created by Prabhakar Mundkur, has appropriate visuals of various facets of treatment and recovery.

“They’re the angels among us, the ones that we lean on,” sings Dr J, playing a pleasant guitar melody. Flanagan’s words, filled with gratitude, strike a chord.

Rating: 9/ 10


Sudeep Jaipurwale, others/ Jeet Lenge Hum, Panwars Entertainment

Sudeep Jaipurwale, son of singer-composer Bhaveep Jaipurwale, teams up with a group of talented singers on this song themed around the fight against Covid-19. “Corona se jeet lenge hum”, goes the refrain.

While Sudeep has created the tune and sung a portion, lyrics have been written by Bhagwan Singh Amravat. The video, directed by Gishant Chopra, is another blend of lockdown shots of musicians and outdoor scenes.

The song has a catchy hook, which lingers as an earworm.

Rating; 8/ 10

Meghna Mishra/ Ki Bas, TM Music

The ghazal world has seen the emergence of plenty of young talent over the past few years. Meghna Mishra is one of them. On the recent ‘Ki Bas’, she shows a remarkable command over the medium.

While the music is composed by her father Sanjay Kumar Mishra, lyrics are written by the late Aziz Ghazipuri, who writes pathos-filled lines like “Kami toh koi na thi mehfil mein tumhare sivay, magar tumhari kamee dil ko yoon khali hai ki bas”.

While the arrangement by Sunny M.R is soothing, the video by theSalt blends black n’ white imagery with colour vignettes. A must for ghazal lovers.

Rating: 8/ 10


Divya Kumar/ Banna, self-released

On his new release ‘Banna’, singer Divya Kumar goes in for Rajasthani folk music with the lines “O banna, Jaipurwala, o banna, nakhrala, o banna, chail chabeela, o banna, mhara sanwara”.

Composed by Yash Chauhan, the song has been written by Avinash Chouhan. Guitars and mandolin blend with sarangi, charango, tabla and dholak to provide a folk-fusion effect.

It’s a peppy number which should keep your feet tapping.

Rating: 8/ 10


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