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Indie Music releases from the second half of March- Reviewed



Shreya Ghoshal/ Naa Woh Main, OnePlus Playback

Over the past two decades, Shreya Ghoshal has undoubtedly been India’s most consistent and versatile playback singer. She now forays into independent music with ‘Naa Woh Main”, composed by her and her brother Soumyadeep.

Lyricist Manoj Yadav writes, “Hum jo deewane the kabhi, ab woh deewane hum nahin” talking of how feelings have changed. Ghoshal’s vocals do perfect justice to the words, and the instrumentation has pleasant guitars and rhythms.

The video, directed by Paco and Ray Haan, sticks to the song’s story. It’s definitely another good moment in Ghoshal’s career.

Rating: 8/ 10


Zaeden/ Kya Karoon?, JioSaavn Artist Originals

Last year, singer-songwriter Zaeden released the average ‘Tere Bina’, where he tried to sound like a Lucky Ali clone. He seems far more convincing on his new single ‘Kya Karoon?’.

It’s a simple song talking of a school crush, and the melody and words have an easy teenager-friendly flavour. Though the singing has some rough spots, there’s a certain sincerity that makes it likeable.

The video, shot in Goa, has been directed by Team Native and features Julia Haydon. The fresh outdoor look is aimed at the younger lot, and goes well with.the song.

Rating: 7/ 10


Harshdeep Kaur/ Om Namah Shivaaye, self-released

Though she’s known for her Bollywood and Punjabi numbers, talented singer Harshdeep Kaur is also adept at devotional songs. Her album Ik Onkar, released by Asli Music, was an example of her brilliance.

On the six-minute-plus ‘Om Namah Shivaaye’, she is accompanied by Tarannum Malik Jain on back-up vocals. Composed by Rajshree Agarwal, the song features a poetry recitation by life guru Dr Puneet Chawla. Abhinay directs the video.

While Kaur’s singing is perfect, the English poetry should have been used only at the beginning and end. Having it repeatedly in the middle obstructs the melodic flow. Pranjal Bohra’s flute comes as a welcome addition.

Rating: 8/ 10


Neha Bhasin/ Jutti Meri, 5am Audio

In Season 1 of the FolkTales series, singer Neha Bhasin chooses the traditional Punjabi tune ‘Jutti Meri’. She uses an acoustic sound, filled with guitars, percussion, handclaps and chorus.

The music is by Sameer Uddin, and the beauty of the song is its simplicity. The video, shot in a studio, gives equal footage to all musicians, and the song’s catchiness makes you want to join in.

Bhasin is a natural with Punjabi folk. After the unwanted raunchiness of her previous video ‘Saase Puttar’, she comes up with something that many listeners can relate to.

Rating: 8/ 10


A Band Of Boys/ Nain Ladalein, self-released

Some 16 years ago, A Band Of Boys was formed as India’s answer to boy bands like Westlife and Backstreet Boys. After creating an initial buzz, they fizzled out till they announced a comeback two years ago.

Three of the original members – Sherrin Varghese, Karan Oberoi and Chin2 Bhosle – are now part of the new song ‘Nain Ladalein’, along with Paras Tomar and rapper Danny Fernandes.

Composed by Varghese, the song written by Manoj Tapadia has a catchy hook and an energetic feel. However the video offers nothing new and some of the boys (now men) smile artificially. A decent comeback, though.

Rating: 7/ 10


Vijay Batalvi/ Ujaale Ki Orr, self-released

Though this song doesn’t mention Coronavirus, its broad aim is to inspire people to be optimistic in these tense times and pray for this phase to end.

Vijay Batalvi thus sings, “Bheetar ka shubh aarambh jab hoga, tab hoga kalyan.” Having released many devotional and spiritual songs, he keeps the instrumentation calm, with good use of santoor and bansuri.

Batalvi’s vocals seem influenced by the 1980s ghazal and devotional singers. With simple words and an easy style, he impresses.

Rating: 7/ 10

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