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Indie Music Releases From The Second Half Of July 2021- Reviewed


Mukul Dongre ft Sourabh Joshi/ Dil Jo Chahta Hai, Self-Released

Well-known drummer and percussionist Mukul Dongre tries his hand at simple pop songs by composing and writing Dil Jo Chahta Hai. The song is sung by Sourabh Joshi whose pleasant voice goes with the tune.

The video is all about beaches and outdoor locations, though you’re left wondering who the Preity Zinta-dimpled model is. Expectedly, the rhythm is tight, and the song has a strong hook and melodic whistles.

The song begins with the line “Dil jo chahta hai woh hone do, tum mein hum khoye hain bas khone do”. There are also lines talking of ‘kambakth ishq’, ‘dil hai jo yeh woh maanta nahin’ and ‘tu hi pehli chaahat, tu aakhri hai’. Get the drift?

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:



MRIK, Imcha Imchen/ We Tried, Springboard Records

On his latest song We Tried, Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Imcha Imchen teams up with Assamese producer MRIK. The song is aimed at the younger lot, and has a catchy pop sound.

The theme is about longing and heartbreak, with Imcha singing, “Everywhere I go it’s you I see”, moving on to “We both knew it but we tried”. It’s simple, but relatable.

At just two and a half minutes, you wish it had been a bit longer. But there’s always the repeat button to depend on, specially on a lonely drive.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:


NIShant Singh ft Neelasree Basu/ Hua Hua, Self-Released

Here’s a sweet-sounding song with a 1990s feel. Sung by Neelasree Basu and composed and written by NIShant Singh, it talks of a girl waiting for her lover.

The main words are, “Hua hua man hai chanchal, hua hua man hai paagal, paayi khabar jo aaoge; Dheemi dheemi mehak rahi hoon, dheemi dheemi chehak rahi hoon, paayi khabar jo aaoge”.

The song has been produced by Vaibhav Singh, who uses melodious folk-based arrangements. Neelasree’s voice has a bubbliness that makes the tune endearing.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:


Marshall Sehgal & Afsana Khan/ Nain Matakka, TM Music

Both known names on the Punjabi music scene, Marshall Sehgal and Afsana Khan get together on Nain Matakka. The song has a vibe reminiscent of the 1990s bhangra-pop era.

Sehgal composes and writes the song. Ashish Rai’s video uses the often-done routine of garish costumes, lavish sets and group dancers. But that works in the interior areas, so guess it’s fine.

The main line “Tu dooro dooro hi kardi ae, kardi ae nain matakka, tenu pichhe laake sohneya, main kardena paagal pakka” should make you tap your feet.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:



Zohran Miranda/ Heavy On Time, Self-Released

Guitarist-producer Zohran Miranda completes his pop-tronic Quadrilogy series with Heavy On Time, which talks of the dark side of the advanced age we live in. The synth-heavy track is brilliantly produced by him with Kuber Sharma.

Joining Zohran are Rushad Mistry with some stunning bass lines, Jai Row Kavi on drums and Crehyl Pereira on brass. Vineel Patil’s animated video goes perfectly with the song.

The tempo changes, smart vocals and the “Heavy On Time” catchphrase are wonderfully balanced. Headphones or good speakers would enhance the effect.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:


Anukriti/ 6’4, Self-Released

Growing up in Jaipur and Doha, Anukriti Menon joined the True School of Music in Mumbai. She’s released her debut single 6’4, which talks of infatuation and aiming for things beyond one’s reach.

It’s an interesting concept with lines like “Six foot four, see you in my dreams” and “Six foot four, my heart is aching baby can’t you see”. Though hackneyed, they’re something youngsters can relate to.

The song is co-composed by Anukriti and Zacharias Mathew Abraham, and backed by Mukul Jiwnani’s simple guitar lines.
Perhaps a more creative video was needed.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:

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