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Indie Music Releases from the Second Half of July 2020- Reviewed


Besti/Sayam Qureshi and Mohit Manuja, SM Music

This one is sure to impress pet lovers. In Bestie, singer Sayam Qureshi teams up with co-composer and producer Mohit Manuja to describe a person’s friendship with his dog.

“Koi kabhi na mere saath ho, saara time tu mere paas hai”, sings Qureshi, before the main line, “Tu mera bestie, main tera bestie”. It’s a simple composition with a catchy whistle sound, though at times the words aren’t heard clearly in the mix.

The highlight is the brilliant video by Sam Manuja, which is easily relatable to the emotions of viewers. You can watch it while patting your pup’s head.

Rating: 7/ 10


Shweta Shetty/ Daro Na, Self-Released

Singer Shweta Shetty is best known for Indipop hits like ‘Johnny Joker’ and ‘Deewane To Deewane Hain’. She now comes up with another foot-tapping dance number in collaboration with Delhi-based house music producer Addy S.

The song has a very 1980s dance music vibe, with energetic rhythms and a thumping bass line. The words have an upbeat feel, telling people to be brave in these times of Coronavirus.

Shweta shot the video herself at her Mumbai residence, adding some recorded footage to develop the theme. The video is just an add-on – on its own, the song is robust enough to make you dance.

Rating: 8/ 10


Gayatri Asokan/ Ab Kya Karenge, Self-released

Here’s a simple and nostalgia-filled ghazal sung by Gayatri Asokan and written by Raza Bhopali. The “matla” or opening couplet goes, “Ab kya karenge laut kar hum guzre zamaane mein, sadiyan bhi kam padhengi usko bhulaane mein”.

Gayatri’s voice texture and throw are suited for ghazals, and she is aided here by composer Alap Desai, with accompaniment from sitar exponent Purbayan Chatterjee and keyboardist Atul Raninga.

The words have simple lines like “Mujhsa milega na koi usey saare zamaane mein”. It’s always good to hear fresh work by some of the newer poets.

Rating: 8/ 10


PAV4N and Sukh ft. Ishani/ Doom, 4NC¥

Though they have been friends for years, rapper PAV4N and London-based grime and dubstep artiste Sukh Knight collaborate for the first time on ‘Doom’. Joining them is singer Ishani, and the result is a 140 bpm piece perfect for pubs.

The song comes in two versions, one with a rap stretch and the other just using Ishani’s voice to create a sing-along melody. The production is first-rate and the sound takes you back to the early 2000s. It’s a heady delight.

Rating: 8/ 10

Sparsh The Band ft. Siddharth Basrur/ Baadal, Self-released

With vocalist Siddharth Basrur and producer Paresh Kamath in the line-up, you are guaranteed something interesting. And Sparsh The Band comes out with a fairly engaging song in ‘Baadal’.

The number has a 1990s alternative rock feel, with Rahul Bhavsar on guitars, Nikhil Pachpande on keyboards, Ajinkya Jadhav on bass, and Virendra Kaith on drums. Pachpande’s lyrics metaphorically describe how humans have turned into clouds.

The computer-designed video by CollabStories is out-of-the-box. It’s so innovative it sort of overshadows the song.

Rating: 7/ 10

Sonam Kalra/ Log Down Song, Self-released

It’s one of those instances where a lighter vein is used to convey a serious message. In ‘Log Down Song’, singer Sonam Kalra talks about the plight of musicians after lockdown, but the video has a street theatre-style setting.

Sonam’s lyrics seem light but state things frankly. “Free mein gaavo ji exposure milega, free mein gaavo ji paisa na milega; Arrey khaane ki chinta kaahey, pet hawaa se bharega”, she sings. Couldn’t have been a better description of the way things are.

Rating: 8/ 10



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