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Indie Music Releases from the Second Half of December- Reviewed



Vasuda Sharma/ Mera Hai Tu, Self-Released

After starting off with the Indi-Pop group, ‘Aasma’, singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma did some solo projects and fronted the folk-pop group ‘Sharma & The Besharams’.

She’s now come out with her single Mera Hai Tu, which as the title suggests is a love ballad. Vasuda has got a pleasant voice texture and aided by Karan Sajnani’s acoustic guitar, she creates something hummable.

“Teri meri kahani lagti sadiyon purani, sang ho tera toh har ek subah, aur ho har shaam suhani,” she begins.

Neha Nara’s animation of the video should appeal to the younger audience. It’s the kind of song that will just add a bit of romance to your evening.

Rating: 7/ 10



George Brooks & Utsav Lal/ Karuna, Earth Brother Music

The saxophone and piano make for a wonderful combination, one great example being jazz greats Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock on the 1997 album 1+1.

Now, we have the composition Karuna which fuses Indian classical and western melodies. Saxophonist George Brooks teams up with pianist Utsav Lal on this piece based on raag Yaman.

The tune has been constructed elaborately by Brooks, with both musicians creating a perfect balance. Brooks has collaborated with many Indian artistes including flutist Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia and tabla wizard Ustad Zakir Hussain. The younger Utsav plays raags on the piano. One looks forward to more from this team.

Rating: 8/10


Goldie Sohel/ Dil Da Khayal, TM Music

In some of his earlier work, singer Goldie Sohel was tending to stick to a formula. Fortunately, he breaks out of that on his latest Punjabi song Dil Da Khayal.

The first thing that strikes you about this song is its wonderful melody. Set in ghazal format, the tune simply lingers, till it becomes an earworm. Add to that Dilshad Khan’s sarangi, which lends a certain richness.

The video, directed by Pulkit Garg and co-starring Rose Sardana, has a simple, rustic feel, but it’s a theme used often before. The good thing is that the song stands out on its own.

Rating: 8/ 10



Allan Vaz/ Isabella, Bling Box

After establishing himself in Konkani music, Mumbai-based singer Allan Vaz has now released his debut English single ‘Isabella’. The pop-rock song talks of a man thinking about his dream girl.

Directed by Nirishka and AJ, the video shows the singer on a bike wooing the girl, played by MaryJo de Mello. The lines go, “Isabella, my love forever, I’m your knight in shining armour”.

Nothing extraordinary, but effective. The song is composed and written by Gerry Menezes, and a highlight is Ulric Sequeira’s guitarwork. Allan’s singing is soulful and proves his natural flair for singing in English.

Rating: 7/ 10


MC Stan/ Amin, Self-Released

Over the past year, Pune-based rapper Altaf Tadavi aka MC Stan has been releasing his audio-visual project ‘Tadipaar’ in phases. Amin is the fifth video and provides an idea about his personal approach to life.

The song begins as a conversation between MC Stan and his mother, and later talks of his faith in himself and a higher power. Though mainly in Hindi, the lyrics slip into English words frequently.

While the song works as a concept and Vaibhav Patil’s video goes with the theme, the six-and-a-half-minute length makes it drag. Some snipping was surely necessary.

Rating: 7/ 10


Nikhil Uzgare/ Inteha, Self-Released under exclusive licence to Universal Music MENA

Dubai-based Nikhil Uzgare has earlier released the title track of the 2017 film Irada. He sticks to guitar-driven pop-rock on his new single Inteha. One of the producers is Neeraj Shridhar aka ‘Bombay Vikings’.

The track has a nice groove, and Royden Mascarenhas’ smooth guitars blend well with Abhijeet Padhi’s drums.

Nikhil’s vocals have that rock vibe, though he sometimes forces himself.

Lyrics like “Ho gayee sabr ki ab inteha, apne hi sheher mein ho gaya main la-makaan” relate to the post-lockdown scenario. This should work well on the live circuit, once things begin.

Rating: 7/ 10

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