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Indie Music Releases From The Second Half Of April 2021- Reviewed


Sunidhi Chauhan/ Ye Ranjishein, SpotlampE

Though one associates her more with the Dhoom Machale kind of racy stuff, Sunidhi Chauhan has an equal knack of rendering soulful songs. Her new independent single Yeh Ranjishein is a melodic treat.

Composed by Shruti Rane, the song begins with an awkward spoken recitation, after which Sunidhi’s singing flows perfectly. Lyricist Rajesh Manthan impresses on the lines, “Zara jo karam ho tera, muqammal ho ishq mera, kar le qubool dil ki dua”.

Sunidhi appears in flowing dresses in the video directed by Ranju Varghese. It’s a routine, storyless video, but never mind – the tune stands out.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:

Nihar Mayekar/ Meri Sajani, NPreets Music

Melodious love songs usually work, especially when backed by simple words. Nihar Mayekar’s Meri Sajani is also helped by a video that people can relate to.

Preeti Pai writes, “Meri sajani tum, meri rani tum, meri jeevan ki kar kahani tum”. Though one has heard such lines a zillion times before, they go perfectly with the tune and situation.

Vinay Jadhav and Anjali Gade star in the video directed by Sanket Patil and Nayan Kandarkar. Enjoy the freshness, and hum along to the tune.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:

Dasgupta Sisters/ Love In These Times, Namma Music

The Dasgupta Sisters, Paroma and Pragya, have collaborated with producer Sandeep Chowta on their self-titled EP. The concept is to take well-known traditional classical bandishes, and blend them with jazz and lounge elements.

They thus render compositions in raags Bhimpalasi, Desh, Chhayanat and Tilang, with Pragya singing the track Sacred Love in Desh. Singing three numbers, Paroma chooses the popular Bhimpalasi tune Ja Ja Re Apni Mandirwa on Love In These Times.

While Paroma has a pleasant voice and the mix caters to younger audiences, the Bhimpalasi piece is too short, at three minutes and 53 seconds. The entire EP gets done in under 14 minutes, and one wishes each tune was a bit longer to bring out a more classical flavour.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:



Saahas/ Living In A Dream, self-released

Bengaluru-born, Los Angeles-settled singer-songwriter Saahas Patil released his EP The Grays in March. The first two singles California and Glad You Stuck Around received a good response.

The track Living In A Dream, from the same EP, also showcases his talent at creating ear-friendly acoustic pop music. Crisp arrangements and neat solos add value.

“Maybe when I’ll open my eyes I’ll see the things I should see, and I’d have to disbelieve my version of reality”, sings Saahas. In fact, the lyrics are the song’s big strength.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:


Aditi Bhardwaj/ Saaz, self-released

The first thing that strikes you about Ahmedabad-based singer Aditi Bhardwaj is her distinct vocal texture, which seems tailormade for folk music. Her debut single Saaz has a melody to match.

The song is about the feelings of two people in the early stages of a relationship, when they want to express their feelings for one another but are too reserved.

Naman Mahajan’s lyrics and Raag Sethi’s production go perfectly with the mood. Though the opening part tends to drag, the main hook is catchy enough to linger on as an earworm.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:


Sangeet Haldipur & Anusha Mani/ Hua Mera, self-released

Musician Sangeet Haldipur and singer Anusha Mani have released this song to celebrate their companionship. It’s a simple, hummable love song that people can relate to.

Composed by Sangeet and written by both singers, the words go, “Khushiyon ki dher mein, zyada hissa tera, bacha kucha hua mera, bacha kucha hua mera”. Roland Fernandes chips in with a smooth guitar interlude.

Deepak Tiwari’s video captures the two singers in open outdoor locales. Beautiful treatment to a lovely song.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:

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