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Indie Music Releases From The First Half Of May 2021- Reviewed


Mame Khan/ Shukran, Self-Released

In this lavish production, Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan gets into Sufiana territory. As the title suggests, Shukran is a song of gratitude, with words by Gulfam Hasan.

Shot at Udaipur’s Chunda Palace, Prit Fadadu’s video shows the musicians in traditional attire. Mame’s voice is powerful, as he sings, “Shukrana padh Alhamdulillah, Khwaja ji ghar, Sarkar ghar, Maharaj ji ghar aayo”.

Nihal Kamboj’s arrangements blend traditional, folk, and western instruments smoothly. Without the conventional Sufi handclaps, the percussion rhythms provide vibrancy.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:

Left Turn/ Irada, Self-Released

On the title song of their four-track EP Irada, Hindi pop-rock band Left Turn keep it simple. In just nine lines under three minutes, they come up with a catchy tune that’s relatable.

Vocalist-guitarist Suraag Subhedar is assisted by drummer Jairaj Joshi, keyboardist Sasmit Rudra and bassist Reagan D’Mello, and the coordination is crisp.

The words go “Tum jo aayee ho kareeb, bolo kya hai iraada; der hui toh sahee, bolo kya hai iraada”. Predictable, but it works.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:

Archit & Smit ft Yashita Sharma/ Thoda Sambhal, Self-Released

Mumbai duo Archit & Smit team up with Bollywood singer Yashita Sharma on the love song Thoda Sambhal. What sets it apart is the use of the cello, played beautifully by Lavin DaCosta.

Sharma’s singing is controlled on the lines “Thoda sambhal, thoda theher, lamhe mile jo aaj, shaayad ho na kal.” The African percussion instrument udu by Omkar Salunkhe lends an exotic feel.

The video, directed by Ritesh Singh, blends studio and outdoor shots. It’s a pleasant number, well-produced.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:

Rashmi Vartak & Vidyadhar Bhave, Sai Deodhar/ Jhooti Jhooti Batiyaan, Purple Morning Movies

A composition in raag Bhairavi blends with a hard rock passage on Jhooti Jhooti Batiyaan, sung by Rashmi Vartak and Vidyadhar Bhave. Add to that Sai Deodhar’s video, which has a passionate Bollywood-styled romance look, and everything fits in well.

Meera Deosthale and Rajat Singh Bhasin star in the video. The blend between genres is smooth, and the semi-classical and rock portions are seamless, without interfering with one another.

The main line “Jhooti jhooti batiyaan, na karo saiyyan, vinnati karat hoon, paddhat hoon paiyyan” has a lilt. For those who love fusion-rock, this is perfect.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:

Vinay Kaushal ft Aditi Ramesh/ The Elephant In The Room, Self-Released

On his new single The Elephant In The Room, guitarist-composer Vinay Kaushal teams up with vocalist Aditi Ramesh, pianist Sharik Hasan and lyricist Uma Athale to create a dark song about those losing their homes – “whether they are made of bricks or trees”.

Naturally, Vinay uses his jazz influences effectively. The song progresses at a measured pace, with intricate piano solos, supple rhythm patterns and a short guitar burst at the end.

Aditi’s vocals are in sync with the instrumentation. Bassist Krishnan Swaminathan and drummer Varun Venkit complete the line-up on this strong composition.

Rating: 8/ 10

Check the video here:

Trapper X ft Rya Rey/ Sky Comes Down, Be Yourself Music

Hailing from Jaipur, 21-year-old DJ Trapper X has been deeply influenced by house music and trap. On his new track Sky Comes Down, he teams up with vocalist Rya Rey, Kalpanik Bass and Triggor to give an EDM tilt.

The girl meets boy song has an infectious hook, and lines like, “Even when I close my eyes I know the shape of your smile”. A dash of Indian rhythms add a new dimension.

While the production and vocals are smooth, one wishes the song was a bit longer to create more impact. This sort of comes and goes.

Rating: 7/ 10

Check the video here:

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