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Indie music releases from the first half of February- Reviewed


Bozio Nienu/ Lighthouse, self-released 

He’s just 23 but Nagaland-based singer Bozio Nienu shows plenty of maturity on his new song ‘Lighthouse’. He’s recorded it just after being discharged following a serious condition, and his determination shows.
It’s a beautiful singer-songwriter piece with smart guitars, shot in open locales to give it a natural ambience. The main lines are, “Meet me by the lighthouse, the place where my mind likes to take me, where I find serenity, where the land meets the sea”.
Bozio’s singing comes straight from the heart, and one finds influences of Christopher Cross and Richard Marx. Aided by poignant lyrics, this is a clear winner.

Rating: 9/ 10

GrooveBot/ Gentle Scars, self-released

GrooveBot is the brainchild of Chinmay Agharkar, who’s been the guitarist of the bands Paradigm Shift and Hook. On his new song ‘Gentle Scars’, he’s joined by talented vocalist Siddharth Basrur.
The song has an industrial rock vibe, with plenty of synths, distorted guitars, heavy basswork and ambient soundscapes. The theme revolves around stagnation, procrastination and uncertainty with the lines, “I don’t know what I want, but I want it now”.
A highlight is the futuristic, sci-fi inspired video by Dark Matter. It goes perfectly with the dark, brooding nature of the song. The crisp production and Basrur’s vocals give it a boost.

Rating: 8/ 10

Mahakaal/ Akshay Resh, self-released

On this psychedelic trance track ‘Mahakaal’, Akshay Resh blends spiritual lines with trendy electronic arrangements, giving a heady feel. The song has a sing-along vibe and clubby aura.
Mahakaal here refers to someone who is beyond time and space, and the video has appropriate images. Lyricist Somraj Sikarwar writes, “Woh mahakaal hai, woh mahakaal hai, shoonya se janma hua hai, anant tak phaila hua hai”.
A sudden melodic interlude and increase in tempo after the two-minute mark spruce up the track. It’s something one can chant along with.

Rating: 7/ 10

Utsavi Jha/ Picnic, self-released

After focusing on a travel theme on her dream pop number ‘Amsterdam/ Thousand Miles’ released late last year, singer Utsavi Jha explores blues-rock on her new single ‘Picnic’.
The song is about dealing with one’s fears. Utsavi’s voice has a raw edge as she begins, “Scared of opening letters, and answering the phone, dancing into manic land when I don’t know what I need to know”.
Anurag Kamle’s saxophone gives a sudden and pleasant twist, and Jason D’Souza’s production is crisp. The crescendo leaves you on a high, with Utsavi’s controlled singing.

Rating: 8/ 10

ROL/ Saath Ho, self-released

Around Valentine’s Day, it was natural to have some new love songs. ‘Saath Ho’ by ROL is about two young people new in a relationship, and the video shows how they spend time together.
Led by singers Ashish Palanna and Ria D’Souza, the song is helped by a simple composition, though the vocals on some lines seem a bit plain. It’s a routine number, but something that youngsters will identify with.
The lyrics are “Tum mere saath saath ho, hai meri yeh dil ki aarzoo, tum mere paas paas ho, har ek din, har lamha, har ek pal”. With a catchy tune, it’s something one can hum along.

Rating: 7/ 10

Abhijeet Srivastava, Bharat Goel/ Yeh Raabta, ii Music

Another love song released on Valentine’s Day, this song talks of the connection (raabta) between two people. It’s a pleasant melody composed by Bharat Goel and sung by Abhijeet Srivastava.
Shloke Lal’s opening lines “Kaisa hai yeh raabta, dil kyon laga aapka” sum up the song’s mood. Though one feels the singing needed a bit more soul, the song works as it’s easy on the ear.
The video, featuring Rupinn and Sana Shaikh, is captured well outdoors. The younger generation should enjoy this.

Rating: 7/ 10

Click here for the video

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