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Indie music releases from the 1st fortnight of February- Reviewed



In the first fortnight of February 2020, there have been some really soulful indie music released. The biggest come back in the music industry was of Adnan Sami with a beautiful composition and lyrics of “Tu Yaad Aaya” which was released by T-Series. Read Narendra Kusnur’s reviews on the Indie music released this month.

Adnan Sami/ Tu Yaad Aaya, T-Series

Singer-pianist Adnan Sami returns in his characteristic fashion on the nostalgia-filled ‘Tu Yaad Aaya’, singing Kunaal Vermaa’s lines ‘Tu yaad aaya, tu yaad aaya hai aaj phir, jo teri baaton ne dil dukhaya, tu yaad aaya hai aaj phir”.

Composer Lo Jill creates a simple tune, with some fantastic arrangements featuring piano, electric and acoustic guitars, a strong string section, woodwinds, tabla and dholak.

Sami appears in the video, directed by Arvindr Khaira and starring Adah Sharma. It’s the type of song that can keep you humming along.

Rating: 9/ 10


Debanjan Biswas/ Sahara, self-released

Debanjan Biswas is an extremely talented young guitarist in the fingerstyle category. He also has a knack for composing out-of-the-box tunes, and that’s evident on his track ‘Sahara’.

Arranged and produced by Akshay Dabhadkar, the piece is inspired by the thought that people can help and support each other. The build-up, both melodically and rhythmically, is the highlight, as the tune starts somewhere and goes into another zone.

While the guitar is at the forefront, ‘Sahara’ is aided by ambient soundscapes, a Hollywood score flavour and a clap-along beat. This one grows on you.

Rating: 9/ 10


Kaveri Kapur/ Smell Of The Rain, Snafu Records

The daughter of filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and singer-actor Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Kaveri Kapur teams up with international label Snafu Records on ‘Smell Of The Rain’.

Written by Kaveri herself, the lyrics are mature, with lines like, “So maybe I’m a masochist, I’m delicate, I found myself in you, and I’m everything you dreamed about.” However, in trying to sound trendy, arrangers Kartik Shah and Emil Axing get into over-production mode, and excess distortion effects hamper the voice projection. The opening lines are unclear.

The video, directed by Kapur himself, goes well with the song’s words and rhythm. The tune should click with youngsters.

Rating: 7/ 10


Ramya/ Takdi Rawa, T-Series

Sometimes, you wish songs are released without a video. Take ‘Takdi Rawa’, sung by Ramya. If you shut your eyes, you’ll enjoy it as a catchy Punjabi pop song, with a strong hook.

But the hook goes line and sinker the moment you see the same expression and pose throughout. Model Tapan Singh is as wooden as your dining table, and Nivedita Chandel seems to be on a tattoo-displaying ramp walk.

Add to that are the slow motion shots, and one standard scene where a woman gets off her car displaying her shoe and right leg. It’s a nice tune, composed by Teenu Arora, and sung well. Alas!

Rating: 6/ 10


Mandeep Panghal and Sakshi Holkar/ Tera Shukrana, Parrot Films

Singers Mandeep Panghal and Sakshi Holkar combine on ‘Tera Shukrana’, a pleasant but routine love song. While Panghal composes the music, Gaurav Maheshwari comes up with simple lyrics like “Tera shukrana karte hain sanam, karte hain sanam”.

The video, directed by Faisal Miya Photuwale, features models Kuldeep Tyagi and Iris Maity. It has a typical Bollywood outdoor feel, and though shot well, one could have done away with some of those raunchy poses.

Abhijeet Mazumdar’s violin provides a good break to the song. The singers gel well, but don’t come out of the ordinary.

Rating: 7/ 10


Shitalchandra Kulkarni/ Super Ride, self-released

Pune-based guitarist Shitalchandra Kulkarni is known for his role in the band Tungztn. He’s now worked on a solo instrumental album Endless, which is being released in three phases.

‘Super Ride’ is the opening track. As the title suggests, it’s a good driving tune with a solid rock punch. Kulkarni’s Ibanez PGM300 guitar dazzles through the piece, which has a tight rhythm section too.

On the album, Kulkarni has composed, played and arranged the tunes himself. The pieces ‘Dark Street’, ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘Water’ take you further into his journey. Rock on.

Rating: 8/ 10


Narendra Kusnur

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