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Indie Music Releases from Second Half of August- Reviewed




Mame Khan/ Sajaniya, Self-released

Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan has rendered some moving film songs, besides appearing on MTV @ Coke Studio. He now presents a folk-fusion love song ‘Sajaniya’.
With the help of producer-engineer Ameya Naik, Khan creates a soulful tune. His singing is filled with emotion, especially on the high notes, as he expresses moods of separation and longing from a person who’s abroad.
The video, directed by Anjuli Chakraborty, is shot in Germany and the Czech Republic. The outdoor locales go perfectly with the words.

Rating: 8/ 10




Maya Mattoo/ Some Days, NayiDilli Records

Singer Maaya Mattoo released her covers EP Songs By Someone Else Vol 1 three months ago. Here, she has rendered versions of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’, the Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’, and Allen Stone’s ‘Give You Blue’.
Mattoo also released her debut single ‘Some Days’, a guitar-driven track with a pleasant melody. The song has a neo-soul vibe as Mattoo sings, “Please don’t tell me how you feel on some days”.
With a pleasant voice, Mattoo shows potential, and her rendition of the Lianne La Havas song ‘Tokyo’ is soulful. A few more originals are what’s needed.

Rating: 7/ 10




Nikhita Gandhi and Denny ft. Yash Narvekar/ Jhalle Kalle, Self-released

It’s a teenager-friendly song with a strong hook and catchy tune. ‘Jhalle Kalle’, featuring Nikhita Gandhi, Denny, and Yash Narvekar, should appeal to those looking for an easygoing love song.
Gandhi’s singing style has shades of Neha Bhasin, but Denny, despite having a pleasant timbre, sounds forced. Siddhant Kaushal’s lyrics have the lines, “Hai tu jo mila, na jaana kahin, hai tu jo hua, lage yeh sahi”.
Shashwat Singh’s video features Gandhi and Abhijeet Singh. It goes well with the younger lot.

Rating: 7/ 10




Ash King and Jonita Gandhi/ Jab Tum Paas Raho, Merchant Records 

The concept of having different video characters in quarantine is gaining ground. Thus, ‘Jab Tum Paas Raho’ shows a senior couple, a live-in pair, a gay duo, father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, rakhi sisters, an expecting couple, a girl and her pet dog among others.
The tune, presented by Ash King and Jonita Gandhi, is catchy, with Salim-Sulaiman composing the music and Niranjan Iyengar writing the lyrics. Ankur Mukherjee chips in with a guitar. The video, directed by Shakti Hasija, is the number’s strength. It’s a good tune to hum along.

Rating: 7/ 10




Razik/ Dil Matlabi, Sterling Reserve Music Project

Singer-songwriter Razik Mujawar’s debut single has a simple tune and identifiable lyrics. There is a certain warmth and sincerity in his voice too, but one guesses he needs more practice.
One senses a slight discomfort when he sings the words ‘Aadat’ and ‘Khone’, but clearly he shows the promise.
The words “Aadat si teri lagi, tere liye yeh dil matlabi” convey the song’s emotions, and Puneet Mahot’s guitar has a rich flavour.
The video, co-starring Jnnat, is too routine. But it serves its purpose of describing the song’s feelings.

Rating: 7/ 10




Rameet Sandhu and Denny/ Hate The Way, Velvet Vibes

This one’s got the groove, all right. ‘Hate The Way’, presented by Rameet Sandhu and Denny, is the kind of number that’s perfect for the dance floor, with a sing-along catchline, too.
One may find a resemblance to Alisha China’s ‘Lover Girl’ or Charlie Puth’s ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, but that’s mainly because of the structure and tempo. On its own, this is classy enough.
The presence of Shobhita Dhulipala brightens up the video. But it’s mainly the lines “Hate the way that you’re calling me baby, hate the way that you’re driving me crazy” that keep you singing along.

Rating: 8/ 10


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