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Indian Singers Rights’ Association (ISRA) distributes Rs. 6,000/- to each member as royalty


The Indian Singers Rights’ Association (ISRA) has announced that it has distributed Rs. 6,000/- as royalty to each member to help them during these troubled times.

ISRA is a non-profit making company limited and is the sole Copyright Society for singers in India registered by the Central Government.

Speaking on the development, ISRA, Chairman, Anup Jalota said,

“It is nice that ISRA is able to make this Distribution of Rs. 6,000/- to each member. The amount though small we hope that it will help certain of our members during this 2nd Wave of Covid19 and I am sure in future singers will get much more. Till now we used to get “Royal Tea” but now thanks to ISRA, we now get “Royalty” though small at present.”

By virtue of the 2012 amendment to the Copyright Act 1957 (14 of 1957), w.e.f. 21st June, 2012, singers are now entitled for Royalties in case of making of their Performances for commercial use.

One of India’s leading playback singer, Sonu Nigam shared his thoughts from an artist’s point of view,

“We are indeed thankful to the Government to be greatly supportive of Singers Right to Receive Royalty and that day is not too far off when Singers will start getting their rightful Royalties.”

ISRA today controls 95% of the Performer’s (Singer’s) Rights and all the who’s who singers are members including singers from North, South, East and West of the country. It is also affiliated itself with foreign overseas societies.


Giving his perspective on the same, Mr. Sanjay Tandon, Co-founder and CEO of ISRA elaborated,

“It’s a great pleasure that even in such times when ISRA revenues are severely hit, ISRA is able to make this Distribution. In spite of heavy odds and stiff resistance even today, ISRA has not just managed to keep itself alive, but has also gained in strength and the Singers will definitely stand benefited in future much more.”


“There is nothing more to be satisfied than the fact that now post the 2012 Amendments, Singers have started seeing and receiving the Royalties that was being denied to them till date. Though the amount is small this time, but it just is the start and tip of the ice-berg.”

The Performer’s Right Clearance is distinct and separate from an IPRS and/or a PPL License. Playing/Using/Making the songs of Indian Singers Rights’ Association (ISRA) singer members for commercial use amounts to commercial exploitation of the Performer’s Performance and hence needs a clearance from ISRA on payment of prescribed Royalty as per ISRA’s Tariffs.

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