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India discovered one of the truest Rock N Roll voices in Siddhant Sharma



When you talk about Rock N Roll in India, there are few who live by it. Performing Too Much Love Will Kill You by Freddie Mercury in the finale of an Indian singing reality show is something out of the mainstream and displays the faith that the 22-year-old Kolkata boy Siddhant Sharma has in Rock N Roll music.

After missing out in the second season, Siddhant emerged as the winner of the only English singing talent show in India, The Stage 3 aired on Colors Infinity.  Beating Urge Yolmo, Zoe Siddharth, and Arish Bhiwandiwala in the finale, Siddhant took home a contract with MTV music project, a chance to perform at the VH1 Supersonic and a Renault Kwid. He kept impressing the judges, Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Ehsaan Noorani and Devraj Sanyal throughout the season to a point that Vishal felt Siddhant has one of the truest Rock N Roll voices in the country.

Music Plus got in touch with Siddhant to know about his musical journey, love for Rock N Roll, future plans and more. Read on

When did you get into music and tell us about your days prior to The Stage 3?  

I got into music last year, somewhere around May 2016. Well, I got to know of a cafe, that didn’t have a lot of people coming in and asked them if they would allow me to bring my gears and play there. So, they did and yeah, that was pretty much my first show, with two of my friends and the 3 cafe staff members. If it wasn’t music, you wouldn’t have probably known Siddhant Sharma, he would have been doing animation and graphics work for some or the other company.

You started your journey from ‘The Stage 2’ and got rejected during auditions. How did you overcome that phase and thought of giving another shot at ‘The Stage 3’?

I didn’t have anything to get over, I didn’t make it to the show because I wasn’t good, and I don’t think it should affect anyone anyway. When you agree on going to a show or a competition you know you’re going be judged. You must have a clear mind that if you aren’t up to the mark, you’re going back. So, I did too. I just got back home and started working on whatever was necessary, something that the judges told me, something that I discovered. I didn’t really think I would give stage 3 a shot. But my friends and ex-contestants from season 2 of The Stage kept asking me to.

How important is Rock N Roll to you? Will you stick to Rock N Roll or you are willing to switch or try any other genre?

Rock N Roll has made me who I am, it’s not just music, it’s a will, it’s stubbornness to not accept any kind of defeat, it’s something that has pushed me to go ahead and knock every brick of the wall that stands in front of me. I am totally open to trying other genres, but that doesn’t take away anything from who I am or what I do. I was a rocker, and I always will be and will never leave this to switch to something else forever. Even if I accidentally become a renowned Bollywood producer or maybe a commercial artist, I would still go out and bring them guns out! No matter how old I am. Coz. “If you think you’re too old to rock n roll; you’re old”, Ian Lemmy Kilmister.

Has Bollywood at any time made an impact on your singing?

I really like the old school and a few mid-Bollywood stuff. I also really love the whole new sound that Bollywood is getting. A lot of singers have been just unbelievable. I don’t religiously follow Bollywood but I grew up listening to it like almost every other Indian kid.

In India, there is a phrase, that Bollywood is the ultimate destination if you want to be a successful musician. Do you agree? 

I kind of agree to that. Bollywood is a huge industry and the chances and opportunities for artists are way more. Also, the pay for the work is really nice and after a period of time, people start knowing you well because of that, which helps you to sustain in the long run. Also, as people know you better, your work is available to a larger mass and people keep a check on your other works as well.

What are the upcoming projects apart from MTV music project?

Apart from the MTV music project, I am planning for an EP with my band members. It’s a very new sound where we’ve kept the old-school style and fused with a new sound altogether. Very balanced so it could have the organic musicality of the old-school era and really fine stuff and production like the new school ones. Crisp and fuzzy as well as heavy and mellow at the same time. The reason being, more people can relate to them. I am also planning on being a part of events, festivals, that can either have my originals or even covers. If there’s any chance of having a more mainstream work, would like to give that a go and even jingles, to know more about various sounds. But yes, 2018, the EP is really important to each one of us in the band.

Covering hit songs is gaining popularity and is steadily becoming a key to success for a musician. Your opinion on this.

It surely is, because it’s very new and people are looking for them. They come across your covers and look forward to more in future. They also check out your other stuff. So, it’s always a good idea to do it. But then again. To each artist, their own way of thinking and doing things. So, it’s totally up to an artist what they want.

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