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Independent releases from August 2019 reviewed



Arnab Chakraborty- Jaane Kyon, self-released

Arnab Chakraborty first got recognition for his song ‘Waada Raha’ in the 2004 film Khakee. He’s been regular at live events and is involved in composition too.

Arnab’s new single ‘Jaane Kyon’ brims with emotions of guilt and repentance, talking of a person who prefers his day-to-day work over relationships. It’s a simple and tuneful song, with lines like “Aise mausam mein tum kyon mile, ke dil toota aur yoon bikhra, Kaise bhoolon main woh silsile, jo le dooba, haan le dooba” and “Har pal mein tum shamil tumko main kaise doon bhula, Tumse door rehkar bhi na ho paaya main judaa.” Sanjoy Das’s guitars are remarkably restrained.

The video, directed by Dezvyn Tinwalla, stars Chakraborty and Nikhita Chopra. It’s a simple set-up shot in a drawing room and goes well with the song’s mood.

Rating: 8/ 10


Shilpa Rao- Woh Mujhse Hue Hum-Kalam Allah Allah, self-released

Shilpa Rao has an expressive voice and wonderful technique. She’s had a successful stint in Hindi film music, and shone on the Kalank title track earlier this year.

In this video, Rao attempts the great Farida Khanum’s ghazal ‘Woh Mujhse Hue Ham-Kalam Allah Allah’, written by Sufi Tabassum. Though she sings it well, she avoids the minute intricacies. Moreover, it’s surprising she has sung only one sher after the opening matla when Khanum’s version had three. The six-minute song is wrapped up in two minutes.

One also wishes she had used tabla accompaniment, such an integral part of the song. In short, something’s quite missing.

Rating: 6/ 10


Tapas- Udaan, Roasted Mirchi Productions

Mumbai Hindi-rock band Tapas come out with a sizzling track in ‘Udaan’, which talks about shattered dreams and the search for hope. Musically, it’s got a strong pulse, aided by a hard-rocking flavour, smooth guitars, and right drums.

Vocalist Ninad Bhat, clearly a voice to look out for in the genre, gets perfect accompaniment from Gomathi Iyer and Ayushi Mishra. The opening lines go “Jaise aankhon mein leke chale the, dhundle woh sapne, kehte the tu tham ja zara, use saare apne” and the video, directed by Abhishek Gaur, is crisp and hard-hitting, talking of living with an addict. Fabulous work, overall.

Rating: 9/ 10


Shashaa Tirupati- Oceans Rained, self-released

Born in Srinagar, Shashaa Tirupati spent many of her younger years in Canada. She’s worked in Hindi and Tamil film music, winning the National award for A.R. Rahman’s song ‘Vaan Varuvaan’ from the 2017 Tamil movie Kaatru Veliyidai and recently singing his ‘Singappenney’ in Bigil.

‘Oceans Rained’ is Tirupati’s second English single after ‘Strings Of Air’. Talking of hope and pain, breaking down and resurrecting, it has relatable lines like “Oceans rained, from a heart of the drought, Oceans rained, put the fire out, Oceans rained, not a soul found out, Oceans rained, put the fire out.”

With its subdued synths, the music reminds you of the 1990s new age era, though too many pauses make the climax sound jarring. Poorvi Koutish’s video has natural outdoor shots. The song has a relaxing aura, good for a few listens, maybe not beyond.

Rating: 7/ 10


Classic Kid Sid- Har Dua, Studio NEWish

Started as a solo project by vocalist Siddhant Sharma, Classic Kid Sid now features Rickraj Nath and Varun Singh on guitars, Rahul on bass and Aritra Basu on drums. An English band, their influences are basically classic rock, and here, they come out with the Hindi single ‘Har Dua’.

The song rocks! Beginning at a slow tempo, it builds up in speed and culminates in an explosive burst of energy. The lead guitar solo, the drums, and flute are all so cohesive, but it’s Sharma’s vocals that boost the number, as he shows shades of Lucky Ali in hard rock mode.

Motivational lines like “Manzil ko paane tu tarsaaye re, phir kaahe ko itna tu ghabraaye” depict the flavour. A clear winner here.

Rating: 8/ 10






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