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The supremacy and impact of music on social media



A new study from MusicWatch underlined the contribution of music on social media platforms. The study highlighted that nine out of ten regular social media users engage with music or artist-related activities.

Two out of three (63 percent) users discover new artists on social media whereas almost 60 percent of social media users visit streaming services to listen to music after they see an update, tweet or post.

The research highlights the significance of music to the social platforms where 53 percent of Twitter users view or interact with trending subjects or want to view posts from friends. Approximately the same number, 51 percent use Twitter to follow or get updates from music artists and bands.

Music on social media


Half of Instagram users view posts from artists and bands, or view their updates. Likewise, two-thirds of Snapchat users send or view photos and videos from live events including music shows, concerts or music festivals.

Nearly half of Facebook’s daily users (47 percent) like a music artist or band on the platform. One of three Instagram users aged 13-34 listen to songs that are included in posts. While Snapchat may be the platform of choice for people at live events, over half its users also use music to drive engagement- subscribing to artist feeds, using lyrics for captions or including them in mentions or hashtags. Today, only one in five stream live performances or videos from bands, yet video is one of the most in-demand category among music fans.

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The importance of music on social media is evident from the aggressive approach that Facebook has been taking to incorporate music on its platform. From licensing deals with major record labels to introducing new features to expand its music offering, Facebook has been actively looking at music being one of the most important “influencer” on its platform.

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