IFPI unveils global insights on music fans’ views on AI

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the global voice of the recording industry, has shared key findings on music fans’ attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI). The data stems from the highly anticipated Engaging with Music 2023 report, the most extensive study of its kind, capturing responses from over 43,000 individuals across 26 countries.

For the first time, the report dedicates a section to AI, recognizing its evolving impact on the music business and artists. Notably, 79% of music fans emphasize the irreplaceable role of human creativity in music creation, underscoring the significance of authenticity.

Concerns about AI’s potential to replicate existing artists’ work without proper authorization emerged strongly in the findings. A resounding 76% of fans believe that an artist’s music or vocals should not be used by AI without explicit permission, highlighting the importance of pre-approved authorization. Similarly, 74% assert that AI should refrain from cloning or impersonating artists without proper authorization.

Transparency in AI systems is also a key demand, with 73% of fans expressing the view that these systems should clearly disclose any music they have used. Frances Moore, IFPI’s Chief Executive, stressed the importance of these insights, noting, “While music fans around the world see both opportunities and threats for music from artificial intelligence, their message is clear: authenticity matters.”

The report further indicates that 89% of music fans are already aware of AI, showcasing a significant level of engagement and interest in its capabilities. Additionally, a majority of fans (70%) believe there should be restrictions on AI, and 64% advocate for governmental involvement in setting these limitations. Moore emphasized the timeliness of these reminders for policymakers as they navigate the implementation of standards for responsible and safe AI.

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