IFPI report reveals global trends: Increased listening, genre diversity & insights on AI impact

IFPI, the global representative of the recording industry, has released its Engaging with Music 2023 report. It delves into the global music landscape, surveying over 43,000 individuals across 26 countries. Representing the most extensive study of its kind, the report yields noteworthy insights into contemporary music engagement.

Key findings include:

  • Increased Listening: The average time spent weekly on listening to music has risen to 20.7 hours, up from 20.1 hours in 2022, equivalent to thirteen additional three-minute songs weekly.
  • Diverse Engagement: 79% of respondents believe there are more ways to listen to music than ever before, with an average use of over seven different methods for music engagement.
  • AI Awareness: 79% of respondents agree that human creativity is crucial to music creation. 74% oppose the unauthorized cloning of artists by AI.
  • Streaming Dominance: 73% of people prefer licensed audio streaming services, with a notable 7% increase in time spent on subscription services.
  • Genre Diversity: Despite Pop’s ongoing popularity, the report identifies over 700 genres, and 57% of respondents emphasize the importance of accessing music globally. On average, fans worldwide listen to more than eight genres.
  • Mental Health Impact: 71% of respondents find music important to their mental health, while 78% use it to relax and cope with stress.
  • Unlicensed Music Concerns: The report highlights that 29% of respondents admit to using unlicensed or illegal methods to listen to or obtain music, posing a significant challenge to the music community.

Frances Moore, IFPI Chief Executive, underscored the report’s significance in understanding evolving music trends. She acknowledged the persistent challenge of unlicensed music and emphasized the report’s inclusion of a dedicated section on artificial intelligence.

The AI section reflects fans’ priorities, with 76% opposing the use of an artist’s music or vocals by AI without permission and 74% against AI cloning or impersonating artists without authorization. The majority (73%) also supports the need for transparency, advocating for clear listing of any music used by an AI system.

Click here to view the full report.

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