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“I pitch my original compositions whenever possible” – Tanishk Bagchi.



The most common name on any top 10 Bollywood songs list these days is that of Tanishk Bagchi. The composer/producer/lyricist has taken the Bollywood music industry into a roller-coaster of emotions through his songs. Be it the melodic ‘Ve Maahi’ from Kesari or the quintessential dance number ‘Sweety Tera Drama’ from Bareilly Ki Barfi.

It comes as a surprise that music was not his first choice as a career. Tanishk was reluctant to become a professional musician considering the competition, struggle and lack of financial stability associated with the field. It was at his musician father’s insistence that Tanishk came to Mumbai and started looking for work.

He made his Bollywood debut with a banger of a song, ‘Banno’ from Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Tanishk, along with some friends, had composed a song called ‘Upar upar rehne de’ and uploaded the video on YouTube. Anand L Rai, the director of the movie, heard the song and inquired about him. A common source made the meeting possible.

“When I met Anand Sir, his brief was that he does not make a movie for a hit song but the song has to fit in the movie. I was told that it has to be a shaadi song. I composed a song and presented the scratch to him. He liked it immediately. The process seems easy but my journey was long and tough. That was my first song and my platform in Bollywood,” recalled Tanishk.


Tanishk Bagchi and the baffling title of the ‘Remix King’

“I pitch my original compositions whenever possible. It is only when the makers insist that a particular song fits the situation in the film that I opt to recreate an old song,” asserted Tanishk.

A major irony of his life has been the tag ‘Remix King’ when he is a hard core romantic and prefers his original compositions over his recreations. To try and unfold the mystery behind this tag, I spoke to Tanishk Bagchi. The fact being that his original scores have been big hits as well, the tag baffles him too.

“I somehow do not understand why and how I got labelled. I am a very peace loving and emotional individual. If you listen to my songs, say ‘Baarish’ from Half Girlfriend, it is filled with emotions and melody,” quipped Tanishk.

That said, he is credited with most of the major recreations done recently. The brilliant ‘Aankh Maare’, ‘Humma Humma’ and ‘Dilbar’ to name a few. Recreations are the flavour of the season in Bollywood. The purists may frown upon it but ultimately it is the audience one has to cater to. There is a major difference between a recreation and a remix. The latter would be something a DJ does in a night club.

“I try to retain the melody of the original song in the recreation too. The challenge is to understand what to retain from the original song. Earlier, songs were 5-6 minutes long and now they are roughly 3 minutes long. I do not remix a song, I recreate it. The idea is to pay a tribute to the original composers,” asserted Tanishk.


“While recreating a song, I ensure it is commercially successful and acclaimed by people as well. I put a lot of thought and effort in it,”


Original Score over Recreations

“I pitch my original compositions whenever possible. It is only when the makers insist that a particular song fits the situation in the film that I opt to recreate an old song,” asserted Tanishk.

Composing an original song is an entirely different ballgame. A lot of factors are taken into consideration during the process. The story line of the movie, the characters, song situation and also the director’s vision. These along with the commercial viability have a major bearing on the composer’s thoughts.

“While composing an original song you need to create an environment. It is like developing an ecosystem where the song can grow. While writing a song I do not think about the hook line and I try to create the melody subconsciously. Getting the vibe of the song is important. It should come naturally and should not be forced,” said Tanishk.


Tanishk Bagchi


After ruling the Bollywood music charts, Tanishk has his eyes set on the international music scene. He is already in talks with musicians from abroad for a collaboration. Apart from that, the Indian regional music is what attracts him.

“For me my music is most important, the language does not matter. It has to reach maximum people. I am in talks for an international album as I want to do something for my country. I want India’s name to be on the global music scene,” smiled Tanishk Bagchi.



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