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“I have a crush on Dua Lipa”- Katy Perry at the One Plus Music Festival, Mumbai




As the millennials surrounded the stage at the D.Y. Patil Stadium, on the 16th of November, the heat was the last thing to bring down their spirit. The first One Plus Music Festival was the reason to make Katy Perry return to India after a gap of 7 years.

The moment Katy got on the stage, the audience welcomed her with massive cheers. Just then the lights dimmed and she enthralled the audience by singing the line, Are we crazy? augmenting their excitement. While the audience anticipated Roar and Firework, Katy saved that for last and began the concert with Chained to the Rhythm.

The band who performed with her received equal cheers. She also introduced two of her back-up singers, India and Cherry. She also mentioned how “India was always with her” and how “everything is better with a Cherry on top” which lifted the audiences’ spirit even higher.

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The thrills were added by occasional fireworks and confetti too. The stage, on the other hand, was lit with One Plus’ branding along with stage props of a giant head of a woman and an equally big hand spinning a planet with rings. The visuals were attention-grabbing too. Two massive LCD screens featured dancing flamingos from Katy’s California Girls that often switched to Pac-Man like pixels from Part of Me and lyrics from Bon Appetit to Swish Swish. 

Katy jokingly mentioned how this time of the year was supposed to be winters in India but her sweating in the heat refrained her from changing her costume. Due to which she finished her entire set in a neon animal print off-shoulder jumpsuit all along. Also, how a few flies had entered her mouth every now and then making her feel one with the audience.

She also made an effort to engage as much with the audience which had numerous girls and asked if they believed in the Teenage Dream just like her.

Katy sang eighteen songs in total and while she was covered in sweat with one shoe half worn in one foot she asked the audience to raise their hands if they had “travelled 15 hours for this show,” and to “make some noise if all that travel was worth it.” The audience could not contain themselves and the stadium echoed with loud “Yeah(s)!”

Katy Perry + Dua Lipa
Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Nearly halfway through her show and the audience had already hoped for Dua Lipa to come on stage and share it with Katy. Katy confessed she had a “crush on Dua Lipa.”  She made the audience so happy yet disappointment for a while because it was unfortunate to not be able to do that in this lifetime because she was “promised to someone else.” However, she dedicated The One That Got Away to Dua right after. A sentimental yet thoughtful note from her side.



The other iconic factor of the event was the act by British sensation, Dua Lipa.Dua Lipa One Plus Music Festival

She began the concert with Blow Your Mind, asking “Mumbai to make some noise.”

She sang thirteen songs which included her major hits IDGAF, New Rules, One Kiss, Scared to Be Lonely etc. She ended her set with Thinking ‘Bout You in an acoustic manner while the audience lit the stadium with flashlights beaming on their phones.

She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be able to spend “a little bit of time” with the audience.



The One Plus Music Festival also included Indian acts by Amit Trivedi, Aswekeepsearching, The Local Train, and Ritviz. The first edition of the One Plus Music Festival had many attractions in the vicinity and attracted many known faces from the music industry who were also seen enjoying the concert to their best potential.

The location despite being outside of Mumbai managed to bring in equal cheers and jeers. However, when the music began everything was forgotten and everyone remained “chained to the rhythm.”

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