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“I don’t have a singer’s voice but I do sing.” – DJ Bravo



One of the most exciting cricketers to play for the West Indian team is all-rounder Dwayne Bravo. He is not only hailed for his cricketing prowess but also his attitude on and off the ground. The ever smiling, high spirited Bravo’s passion for music is no hidden secret. The man even breaks into a jig on the cricket field and breaks into a song at the drop of a hat.

Bravo credits this to his upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago. On listening to the words ‘Caribbean islands’, the mind wanders to pristine beaches with lads and lasses downing tall glasses of rum while dancing away into the sunset and thereafter. Music and dancing is a big part of the culture for the people here. There is music for everything, right from one’s birth to the last breath.

Sounds similar, doesn’t it?

It is very similar to Indian culture. Here too we make a song and dance about everything possible under the sun. Indians have their bhangra, Bollywood, garba, etc the Caribbean has its soca, calypso, reggae, dancehall.

DJ Bravo

From Dwayne to DJ Bravo

Following his passion for music, the cricketer had turned into a professional musician hitting the charts with the worldwide smash hit ‘Champion’ in 2016. The song clocked in over 100 million views. Well, he also goes by the name, DJ Bravo now.

“Music is a big passion of mine and is a big part of our culture in Trinidad and Tobago and so I am pursuing a career in it. I don’t have a singer’s voice but I do sing. I am still learning the craft of music but I am getting better daily, execution wise and I am happy I can follow my dream and make music,” said DJ Bravo.

The cricketer has one of his largest fan base in India. He acknowledges that a song he releases in India can reach a million fans while one released in his native country would reach a few thousand. Utilising this advantage, DJ Bravo has released a few songs in Hindi and Punjabi.

“The language barrier is challenging. As long as you practice, are dedicated and committed you can overcome it. If you have the right people to guide you, things become easy. I cannot speak Hindi and Punjabi but the teacher during the recordings explain how to sing it and I do it,” explained Bravo.

His latest release is deemed as the ‘wedding anthem of the year’. ‘The Chamiya Song’ produced by the music entertainment company Songfest India, written by Anurag Bhomia, composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar, also features Punjabi-Thai singer-songwriter Rimi Nique singing along with the superstar cricketer.

While ‘Chamiya’ is a Hindi song, DJ Bravo has also recorded songs in English, Punjabi and dabbled in various styles. But how about a soca song with Indian lyrics?

“Definitely. There are many artists in the Caribbean who would love to collaborate with Indian artists. It is my responsibility to bridge the gap between these two countries which are so similar in culture. I am happy to incorporate different native languages and styles in my songs keep the people dancing,” smiled DJ Bravo.

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