HT Media Group’s Fever FM Shuts Down: CEO Ramesh Menon

In a heartfelt announcement, Ramesh Menon, CEO of Audio Business at HT Media Group, revealed the decision to close down the FM station, Fever FM.

Menon took to LinkedIn to share the news, expressing gratitude to partners and listeners who have been part of the station’s journey. The decision, influenced by evolving trends in the media industry, was conveyed with a sense of sadness but necessity.

In a video message accompanying the announcement, Menon stated, “We have made the difficult decision to shut down our station. This decision comes after careful consideration due to the evolving trends in the media industry.”

He extended gratitude to RJs, advertisers, partners, employees, and listeners, acknowledging their crucial role in building and sustaining the station.

Menon emphasized that while radio has been an integral part of the audience’s daily journey, there comes a time when all journeys must conclude.

The closure reflects a broader shift in the media landscape, and the management appreciates the loyalty and contributions that have supported the station throughout its operation.

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