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How does India listen to music in 2018?



According to a report by Nielsen Music on Indian Music Industry, not only is music a universal part of the country’s culture (94% of the Indian online population listens to music), its associations to film and video are remarkably influential.

Bollywood music and other Indian film music rank as the country’s two most-preferred genres, which coincides with the fact that respondents spend 21.6% of their listening time-consuming music videos. With a massive, diverse population of more than 1.2 billion citizens who speak a variety of languages, India consumes a wide array of Western genres, including Pop and Rock.

71% of Online Consumers consider Music as an important part of their lives. 94% listen to music (either primary listening, in the background, or at live music events throughout the year) with 20 hours per week being the average time spent listening to music either as a primary activity or in the background. Whereas in the US, 90% of the population listen to music averaging about 32 hours a week.

21.6% of the respondents consume music by streaming music videos, 16.9% consume music through audio streaming services, 16.3% listen to digital music library, 14.8% watch music channels on television and 10.8% listen to radio. Whereas in the US where top formats for weekly share of music listening time is 23% audio streaming, 19% is AM/FM radio, 14% digital music, 13% streaming music videos and 11% physical music.

Bollywood is still the most-preferred music genre, followed closely by other Indian film music. But Western genres are increasingly becoming popular in terms of frequent or occasional listenership. Top five genres in India are Bollywood, Other Indian Film Music, Indian Pop, Indian Regional Folk and Western Pop. United States still has Classic Rock as the most popular genre.

Indian music lovers streamed the highest amount of music on YouTube in the past 12 months followed by Jio Music and Google Play whereas in US YouTube is at the top is followed by Pandora and Spotify.

Among the 95% of music streamers who engaged with some type of playlist in the past 12 months, the top playlist types include, Playlist created by user, Playlist shared by friends/family, Public playlists based on popularity and Playlists generated based on user’s listening habits.

47% Indian fans listen to live music at small events happening at bars and coffee shops whereas in US 33% (which is the most) of the fans prefer going to concerts and 24% of their fans go to small events. 36% of Indian music fans go to large scale music concerts whereas 18% of US music fans go to music festivals.

In India, among weekly social media users, 77% use different platforms to consume music content where Musical.ly is topping the chart followed by Facebook and Instagram.

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