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Holi Reloaded 2018: Celebrate Holi with a heavy dose of Electronic Music 



Holi Reloaded is back with its sixth edition in association with Submerge and Plus 91, and yes they are taking it up a notch higher this time on 2 March 2018. With two lit stages and an intense line-up of artists from the electronic dance space, this year Holi Reloaded promises to be an unforgettable experience. Where? Hotel Tulip Star, Mumbai, is the place to be. One of the most promising young talents from Antwerp, Belgium, DJ Makasi will be headlining the festival along with some of the biggest homegrown artists.

The main stage will witness players like Beyond 120, Avneesh, Muxka Jar, Twisted Bass with the best of EDM music among others. Holi Reloaded has also introduced The Room, which is a Delhi-based community for underground music, for like-minded electronic music producers/DJs and fans.With this methodology, founded by Avneesh Gadgil, The Room is also the second stage at Holi reloaded this year where homegrown players like Ankytrix, Browncoat, Bullzeye, Rohin, Neha Tolani and Garth Adam will indulge the fans in some music therapy along with colours.

3rd Rock Entertainment launched Holi Reloaded back in 2013 and it was named after Juno Reactor’s Matrix Reloaded, popularly known for his music of The Matrix. A brainchild of Aarnavv Shirsat, Holi Reloaded witnessed a crowd of 3500 people in its first season. Over time the festival has grown to the point where Anjunadeep label honchos Above & Beyond made 8000+ people groove to their tunes last year. Down the memory lane, Aarrnavv shared, “Frankly speaking, first 2-3 years we were struggling. When we did the first edition there were no watercolours and it was on a Jain ground, so there was no alcohol or non-veg food on the day of Holi. The challenging part was getting sponsors that time. Now, things are different. Lawman PG3 is our main sponsor and they have been supporting us since 2014. The kind of music programming we do, it takes time get a loyal fan base and we are glad that we are not doing commercial Bollywood by sticking to our brand and our production.”

Nikhil Chinapa, Founder of Submerge stated, “Holi Reloaded is going to be a really special occasion. I see this as a huge cultural celebration, an East-West mashup that brings together the best of both worlds. We are glad to associate with Plus91 and 3rd Rock Entertainment to present the 6th season of Holi Reloaded. Holi is about being uninhibited, about sharing your own joy with your loved ones, and the world.”

Talking about their collaboration with Submerge, Aarnavv also shared he has always looked up to Nikhil, Pearl and Hermit and wanted to work with Submerge ever since Holi Reloaded was conceptualised. “Tinu Arora who is also the other half of Plus 91, is a music producer himself, also he is the man behind the programming for this festival. Submerge is the best when it comes to music programming and marketing and we are more than happy to be associated with them since last year.” At the same time, Tinu Arora, co-founder of Plus 91 stated, “When we started the company, Holi was just a month and a half away. We couldn’t find a better reason to start our first IP during Holi. The idea was to promote quality dance music during the time of Holi, basically, merge Holi as a festival with a flavour of electronic dance music. There have been many Holi parties, but everyone focussed on Bollywood. We wanted to be a little different, and have gradually grown with the quality of production and most importantly the artist lineup. We have repeated a few artists and brought new artists as well. In terms of capacity, production, the numbers of artists performing, this year it will be the biggest Holi Reloaded.” The vision for Holi Reloaded is to spread to different cities around India, and maybe abroad as well in the near future.

Early birds tickets are out. You can buy the tickets from Submerge or Bookmyshow. Grab them before they are sold out!

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