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Hip Hop leads content creation amongst Indie Musicians in India



The annual content upload and usage report by Songdew Media Pvt Ltd shows that there has been significant growth in the content creation by Indian Hip Hop artists. The report which is based on the content uploaded and played on the platform Songdew , points out that over the last three years the content creation in Hip Hop genre has increased to 13.5% compared to 2016 when only 7.4% of the tracks uploaded on the platform were Hip Hop. Rock was the most preferred genre in 2016 with 16.4% of uploaded content belonging to the genre.

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However, the dominance of Hip-hop is a fair representation of the emerging trends in the industry. The Hit Song Deconstructed Trend Report said that Hip-Hop continued its domination of the music scene representing 71% (up by 35%) of all the top 10s in third quarter of 2018. In fact, more individuals in the U.S. streamed hip-hop/rap music from Drake, Nicki Minaj and more diverse artists from their preferred music streaming services than ever before. According to a report from Buzz Angle, Hip-Hop made up 25.4 percent of all music streamed across audio and video platforms last year, thereby making Hip-Hop one of the most popular genre across the globe.

It is also interesting to note that besides Pop, Rock & Hip Hop, there are many genres where lot of content is being created and uploaded by Indie musicians. Acoustic, Alternative, EDM, Electronica, Fusion, Blues. Metal and Folk being the other popular genres.

However, when it comes to what music lovers listened to on the platform, Pop remains the most popular genre with 22 % of the plays on the platform. There has been significant growth in the percentage of plays of songs belonging to EDM, Electronica and Hip-Hop as well.


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