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Hip Hop continues to dominate the charts as Pop keeps tumbling



Hit Songs Deconstructed highlighted the compositional and industry trends for the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 in its third quarterly report, The Hit Song Deconstructed Trend Report, released on 19th October, 2018.

According to The Hit Song Deconstructed Trend Report, Hip-Hop continues to dominate the music scene representing 71% (up by 35%) of all the top 10s in third quarter of 2018. The report states hip-hop, as a primary genre of songs, more than doubled its presence in the top 10 in the third quarter of 2018 as compared to the same span in 2017. The four songs that charted at #1 included three Hip-Hop songs – In My Feelings(Drake), Nice For What (Drake), and I Like It (Cardi B featuring Bad Bunny, J Balvin), and one Pop song – Girls Like You (Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B).

Starting from 2015, Hip-Hop became more popular than Pop and has been on the top ever since. Pop continues drop in the Hot 100 Top 10, accounting for only 14% of songs in Q3 2018, a steep fall from 26% in same stretch in 2017.

On the other hand, Hip-Hop as an influence played a role in 75% of songs (up from 67% in Q3 of 2017) which are outside of the Hip-Hop primary genre. As per the report, Hip-Hop as an influence has shaped the sound and vibe of songs in the Hot 100 Top 10 with 93% of all hits, up from 78% during the same quarter in 2017.

Primary genres(Comparison of Hip-Hop & Pop on Billboard Hot 100 Top 10)

The Hip-Hop genre has been undergoing constant change too. The report read, “The number of songs that are four minutes or longer shot up from 14% in Q2 to 35% in Q3, making it the most popular song length range of the Hot 100 Top 10. Over the past 5 years, the four minute or longer range has only surpassed the 3:00 – 3:59 range twice, once in Q1 2014 and once in Q2 2017.”

Song length(Representation of song length in Hip-Hop)

Highlighting on the lyrical themes of Hip-Hop, the report claimed that themes such as lifestyle surpassed love/relationships as the most popular during the first quarter of 2018 and continues to grow in popularity as each quarter passes by, playing a role in 61% of Top 10 hits in Q3. Looking exclusively at the songs outside the Hip Hop primary genre, love/relationships has been the most popular, playing a role in 75%.

(Comparison of lyrical themes in Hop-Pop ~ Love/Relationship & Lifestyle)

The ever-changing Hip-Hop scene continues to grow positively – swapping other genres, influencing younger generations, constantly adapting itself to the current trends. From an industrial standpoint, the future of this dynamic genre looks bright, but so was said in the case of Pop as well.

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