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Take a visual tour of 5 well-equipped recording studios in Mumbai


Have you ever thought about the recording studios in Mumbai where musicians from Bollywood and Independent music industry accomplish the whole creative process? Being a musician or associated with the music industry, who doesn’t love being in a recording studio? It can be for your own music, contributing to a friend’s recording, or just being there to provide honest support, or to have a fair idea of the studio environment. Take a tour and get to know about five well-equipped recording studios in Mumbai.

Cotton Press Studio:

Started in 2012, Cotton Press Studio is an independent business consisting of a strong team of musicians, producers and engineers. The studio is located in a historic warehouse that was constructed in 1858. Now, the converted warehouse has a 1200 square foot ‘Live Room’ stocked with musical instruments and equipment for recording, production, also a connecting ‘Side Room’ for mixing, voice-overs, and whatever music comes with it.

Recording studiosPictures Courtesy (Cotton press studio Facebook page)

Studio Providence:

Studio Providence is the brainchild of Shezan Shaikh and it started in October 2015. The studio is pretty comfortable, well equipped, and has awesome staff. Apart from the equipment’s, the highlight of the studio is the massive sea facing terrace. “It helps the creative process going,” says Shezan who is currently working on two jingles for Tropicana Juice. He also told us that he wants to pursue film background scoring in full force and things are moving very well on that front.  “Outside of my regular music work that I do for commercials, I used to play guitar for an award winning heavy metal band Providence. Taking a lot of pride in repping the Indian metal scene on the commercial scale, Shezan said that it’s a lot fun working with people who are open minded about creating new musical ideas for a commercial industry which at its core is about appealing to the masses. “The Studio (Studio Providence) and myself, we both have been very lucky to be able to work with all these talented individuals,” declares he.

Recording studios

Press Play Studio:

Owned by Tejas Nair aka Spryk, Press Play Studio is located in Suburban Mumbai. Apart from professional quality recording, music production, mixing, audio post-production, sound design and digital mastering, Tejas also works with music for games, Ad films, and films. He also works on projects that require lesser explored forms of sound like Binaural Sound for games and Virtual Reality or Augmented reality.

Recording studios

Boing Studios:

Designed by acclaimed acoustic designer Sam Toyoshima of STL Labs Japan, Boing is one of the famous and the largest recording studios right in the heart of Mumbai. Boing has two studios, which are fully kitted with the latest technology and software. Supported by Jiten Solanki, the team of sound engineers brings together a seamless experience for tracking, live recording, mixing and mastering for TVCs, film songs and music albums. In addition, Boing was awarded as Best Equipped Studio at IRAA Awards (2014).

Recording studios

Enzy Studios:

Launched in May 2013, the first venture of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Entertainment, Enzy Studios has been conceptualized by Nishchal Zaveri, an Artist, Music Producer and Managing Director, TBZ Entertainment. Enzy Studios involve a family of musicians, composers, producers and artists threaded in one string along with up-to date equipment, technology, recording and production services.

Recording studiosSource: Enzystudios

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