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Gujarati music review- Navratri Special



The season of dance and music, Navratri has begun, and keeping the same in mind, several singers, alike every year, have released their albums and singles, catering to music and dance lovers. But this year saw a trend of remix and songs which one can incorporate either in films and/or picturise otherwise. Moving away from the traditional flavours in their compositions, singers and composers have attempted to offer something new. Here’s a review of some of the Navratri special Gujarati songs.


Radha Ne Shyam (Falguni Pathak) – 8/10

Every Navratri is incomplete without Falguni Pathak’s song, and every year, lakhs of enthusiasts dance of the tunes of this Garba queen. Keeping the festival in mind, Falguni and her team released a new song ‘Radha Ne Shyam’ which is very unlike all her other songs. The beats and rhythm suit very much relatable to the festival, but the lyrics are metaphorical and talk about love which Lord Krishna (Shyam) and Radha lived with. Radha Ne Shyam has a ‘filmy’ touch and one can definitely picturise this single being featured in a movie. Falguni Pathak fans will love this both as a garbo and a stand-alone single; and they may also get to dance to this song this Navratri where Falguni performs LIVE.



Kesariyo (Aishwarya Majmudar) – 7/10

Giving a tough competition to the popular singers and making her way through the youth swiftly is Aishwarya Majmudar. Her previous ‘garba’ albums have been a hit, and the melodious singer – who is well aware of her digital-active audience – released her single much ahead of the festival. Titled Kesariyo, this song is ‘surprisingly’ a different version of the very popular Garbo with the same name. However, Aishwarya has moved away from the authenticity and this song will be played more at the pubs than at Navratri. While the take on this is different, it did not impress me, as an ardent fan of the singer. Not upto the mark.



Akhand Garbo (Himali Vyas Naik) – 9/10

First things first, this is my favourite song, this Navratri. Akhand Garbo perfectly captures the mood and emotion of Navratri, and this can strike a chord with fans across all age groups. With well written lyrics, and melodious vocals, this song may not be a dance number, but is definitely pleasing to the ears. While the makers have kept a part of the song to the traditional beats, they have also experimented with different interludes, which do not bother the overall experience.



Jogmaya (Rakesh Barot) – 6/10

Many folk singers in Gujarat, over the years, have released devotional albums, which are preferred by the audience in Gujarat. But steaming platforms today have given an opportunity to them to release as singles. Following the trend is Rakesh Barot, who released his festive song, Jogmaya. A typical Garbo, this song offers nothing novel. Moreover, the music and lyrics are relatable, but doesn’t have a ‘stand-out’ impact.



O, Mavaldi (Rohit Thakor) – 4/10

The first minute of this song will make you realise that Rohit has attempted to deliver this single with a difference. But your reaction to this, again in the very first minute, would be similar to the title of the song, gasping ‘O, Mavaldi’ (Oh Goddess). This single seems like a poorly made remix version of Garbo, with beats going off the scale, making it unpleasant to listen to. The long 22 minute, never ending single, with either make you giggle or angry, especially the vocals. This song has the capability to get a face-palm.



Garbe Ghumo (Santvani Trivedi and Bhargav Pandya) – 4/10

While singers are experimenting with their versions of garba, this season, Santvani and Bhargav’s Garba mashup, is highly mediocre and has no novel aspects, whatsoever. The lyrics aren’t original and neither is the music, and this 10-minute presentation is nothing but a shorter version of nonstop garba you’d hear. Vocals are disappointing too, and Garbe Ghumo will not be something you’d prefer listening this season. It’s off the list!




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