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Guitars under 5K, go buy them right now!

A guitar is more of a need than splurging nowadays for a person who is into music. It’s an instrument that you can carry with not various difficulties and can start playing anywhere, without having any critical setup. A guitar is one of an essential instrument when it comes to bracing vocals. If most of us started our aspirational career in music through Guitar, it’s better to look for the Guitars which come under our economic range, so that we invest as less as possible and get as much as possible by playing it.

Here’s the list of those Guitars that cost you less than 5000 bucks, available in India

Jixing JXNG Acoustic Guitar– One of the cheapest Guitars with the best quality in that range is this 38 inch Guitar for beginners which starts at just Rs 2,499* at Flipkart.
Guitar under 5k

Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar – From the Chinese company Juarez, this Guitar serves all purpose for a beginner, especially the ones having short height and tender fingers. It costs just Rs 2,390* I mean, what more do you want, right?
Guitar under 5k

Kadence Frontier Series– Going by the quality, Kadence is a much reliable company to have their Frontier series in Guitar which has a price of Rs 4,650*, which is quite reasonable considering the quality that Kadence provides. Kadence Frontier Natural Acoustic Guitar series starts from Rs 3,970*.
Guitar under 5k

Aria Blackwood– It’s within the range of 5,000 rupees but it may not as good as the above-mentioned Guitars are. However, for beginners, it has a decent quality that could have been improved a bit.
Guitar under 5k

Bronz BL03C– Having a Nato check and rosewood fingerboard, this 39 inch Guitar comes with a nice combo with gig bag, tuner etc. People wanting better quality and durability, this Guitar with a tighter budget is a great way to begin.
Guitar under 5k

Pluto HW34 – This is especially for children with tender fingers, weighing less than 2 Kg. It’s great to focus on scales patterns and chord formations with a smooth fingerboard. The sound is quite loud despite being just 34 inches. It’s available on Bajaao.com at Rs. 4,356 after discount.
Guitar under 5k


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