Google & Universal Music in talks for AI-Generated music licensing

Google and Universal Music are currently in discussions to finalize an agreement concerning the licensing of artist voices and melodies for AI-generated songs.

The discussions may also involve creating a tool that allows fans to create AI-generated songs, while ensuring that the appropriate copyright holders receive compensation. Artists will have the option to participate in this process.

According to a report by Reuters, these discussions are in the early stages, and there are no immediate plans for launching a product.

This conversation comes on the heels of a recent trend where fans use AI programs to create deepfake music, mimicking artists’ voices and styles to make it seem like they’re performing songs by other artists or even original compositions.

On platforms like TikTok, there are numerous videos featuring remarkably convincing AI-generated tracks resembling famous artists, often without obtaining permission from the original artists.

Drake, a frequently targeted artist for deepfake songs, had previously expressed frustration when an AI-generated recording of him rapping to an Ice Spice track surfaced.

These negotiations between Google and Universal arise as the music industry grapples with the rise of AI technologies imitating artists’ voices, which is seen as a growing concern.

Warner Music Group’s CEO, Robert Kyncl, emphasized that artists should have a say in the use of AI-generated music. He stated that preserving artists’ voices is crucial, as it directly impacts their livelihood and identity.

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