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Gig of the Week – The Chris Adler Experience



Chris Adler brought the house down and how!

antiSocial hosted the legend for The Chris Adler Experience on 20th November.

Playing alongside Adler were Sunneith Revankar (vocals), Girish Pradhan (voclas), Tony Das (guitar), Suraj Sun (guitar), Yogesh Pradhan (bass).

Sunneith performed the microphone duties for the Lamb of God numbers while Girish belted out the Megadeth classics.

Chris Adler

The night ticked all the boxes for a heavy metal gig.

The patiently waiting crowd suddenly turned the joint down on its head once The Chris Adler Experience was on.
Headbanging to every song. Mosh pits. Injuries due to mosh pit. Drinks spilled due to mosh pits.
Respect to the unknown metal head who was pushed back, twice, by the bouncers for trying to get on stage. He had the bouncers looking for him in the crowd, suddenly appears on the stage and leaps into the crowd!

Adler was in the mood for the night.

The top picks from the set would have to be:

Now you got something to die for – Lamb of God

Adler going retard Level – Warming Up

Desolation – Lamb of God

Adler going retard Level – Do you feel it bro!!!

Threat is real – Megadeth

Adler going retard Level – OMFG

Set to fail – Lamb of God

Adler going retard Level – brutal assault on the drums

Holy Wars – Megadeth

Adler going retard Level – F*#$ this S*#$

Fans Speak

Prakhar Khandelwal: “It started late so I thought it would go on longer. I wish they had played more. But overall great gig and full value for money.”

Nilesh Shrivastav: “I almost broke my neck when Adler went berserk on ‘Something to die for’. I am a big Lamb of God fan and it was like a dream come true for me.”

Girish Pradhan (vocalist, Girish and the chronicles): “It was a huge honour for us to play with the legend and one of the greatest heavy metal drummer of all time. I was thrilled. Sunneith is one kick ass vocalist and I don’t need to say that.”

And then there was,

Sameeksha Vaibhav: “I wanna start a hashtag Make me understand metal.”

Well who wants to help her?

Music : Beyond Ratings

Sound : 4/5 DI Boxes? Seriously?

Ambience : 5/5

WOW Factor : 2 wordsCHRIS ADLER

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