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Gig of the Week : Luke Kenny Live



On Friday the 13th 2020, while the city was hosting a bunch of gigs, all roads in Bandra led to a pub in a quaint locality. Door No.1 was hosting a gig featuring showman Luke Kenny.

Resident DJ Russel set the tone for the night with some groovy tunes before Luke and his band took to the stage. The former VJ, actor and music producer took to the stage in his signature style. The set was a mix of classic Rock and Rock’N’Roll. The twist being, it had Hindi songs along with English classics.

A packed house was not disappointed as Luke set the stage alight with his rendition of The Doors’ classic ‘Light My Fire’. What followed was some pristine Rock’N’Roll. Elvis Presley’s ‘Jail House Rock’ got the crowd dancing. The front row was filled with women, its Luke Kenny on stage!

luke kenny

The dancing crowd was in for a pleasant surprise as Luke sang a medley of Bollywood classics which had a flavour of Rock’N’Roll. Steppenwolf would have been pleased to hear Luke’s rendition of their hit ‘Born To Be Wild’. The night ended with ‘Rock On’ and that was what the people did through the night.

The small place was full to the brim. An equal distribution of dance enthusiasts and bystanders meant space for all to enjoy themselves. Despite the full capacity audience the service was prompt. The barmen though overworked didn’t seem to mind. Luke’s wise cracks in between songs kept the humour quotient high. A shout out to the management Vishesh, Ayesha and DJ Russel, for pulling off super gigs regularly in a small place.

The sound was just right.

The crowd fantastic.

The ambiance was enhanced by the vibe of the people who turned up. And the artists ensured that it remained constant till the amplifiers were switched of.

The ‘Wow Factor’ of the night has to be Luke Kenny’s consistency. The man has never failed to entertain his audience over the years.

All these factors made it the Gig of the Week.

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