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Get to know French beatmakers La Fine Equipe



Acknowledged as ‘Half men, half magicians’, by Boiler Room, La Fine Equipe, the popular electro/hip-hop French beat-makers are all geared up for their debut India tour during the end of this month (30 November-2 December). La Fine Equipe comprises Mr Gib, Blanka, oOgo, and Chomsky and they like to call their sound ‘Beat Music’ or ‘Future Beat’, but there is no precise tag for it. Music Plus caught up with La Fine Equipe for a chat on their distinctive sound that is a blend of various influences, from hip-hop, trip-hop to electronic and house music, teamwork and how they put things together while performing live.

They will perform in Delhi on 30 November (Raasta), in Mumbai on 1 November (antiSOCIAL), and on 2 November (The Humming Tree). Be familiar with a few things about the band before attending their gigs in any of the cities.

La Fine Equipe’s  live performances are elaborate showcases of sampling and turntablism. In the studio or home, while making new beats, it’s not like a regular band where each member plays their own part. Expect split elements in their tracks they’ve produced, also they recreate their tracks during a live performance. “The genre or the given name doesn’t really matter, we just like to make beats and we allow ourselves to explore and try new things as often as we want,” stated the crew.

Having diverse musical influences made La Fine Equipe members experience each other’s tastes widely. They also listen to contemporary artists like Kaytranada, Noga Erez, Thundercat, Anderson, Paak. Chomsky operates with an AKAI SPDS, where he plays rhythm elements, synth chords and various elements, Oogo, being the conductor of the live show, takes care of Ableton Live, he originates audio clips, plays samples and applies effects. Gib is on the turntable and mixer, taking care of the vocals, scratches, percussions and various other sounds.

Each of the members is a seasoned artist too, plus, Ugo de Angelis (aka Oogo) and Vincent Leibovitz (aka Chomsky) founded Nowadays Records in 2010. With more than 35 releases to their credit, the label catalogue keeps growing and have some big names like Fakear, La Fine Équipe, Hoosky, UNNO, Douchka, BRNFKD, LeMarquis, Clément Bazin, Everydayz & Phazz, Jumo or Skence.

Speaking about their Indian debut tour, they seemed quite enthusiastic. They shared whenever they think of India, they first think of instruments like Sitar, tabla and percussions.The band also said they are familiar with Pt. Ravi Shankar’s album Shankar Family & Friends (I was glad to know that people from the west do admire Indian Classical Music).

Having performed at major festivals including Les Vieilles Charrues, Dour Festival, Les Francofolies among others, they believe playing in a club is nice because the crowd is closer and the energy, different. “We like to spend time at the venue with the people before and after the show, like at a big house party.” Said oOgo. Walking down the memory lane, Chomsky said they all remember their first show in Marseille at the Marsatac Festival, where they played for the first time in front of a huge crowd and Xzibit came on stage to join the party out of nowhere! “Festivals are great, playing at Les Vieilles Charrues was very exciting, performing in front of 20000 people is an experience we loved!” shared the band.

In addition, they’re looking forward to meet people and artists here in India, and maybe they will bring back collaborations, who knows! To sum up, the band chirpily shared Blanka is a workaholic, Oogo is a food and wine lover, Gib is a father of two kids, also rides downhill with his mountain bike, and Chomsky is a movies specialist and could run a cinema. They laugh out loud and said, “We really hate each other.”

Presented by Mixtape, the three-city tour is a part of the third edition of Bonjour India Festival. Curated and created by the French Institute in India in association with Alliance Francaise, Bonjour India festival is one of the biggest and most ambitious cultural initiatives between France and India.

They are in India, already, and was live from boxout.fm headquarters in Delhi. Do check the video:

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