Gaana for Artists tracks audience data in real time

Gaana has announced the launch of Gaana for Artists, a new app to help artists understand their audiences and performance of content better. The app enables artists to track audience data in real-time from Gaana’s 180 million-strong user base across the country.

The new app brings transparency in audience data as artists can also view which of their songs are being streamed along with cumulative streams during a particular time period. Artists will also be able to track data from the top eight cities where their music is most streamed.

Gaana for Artists provides data on real-time performance of latest releases, overall top-performing songs, top playlists featuring songs and many more comprehensive metrics of analysing preferences of audience.

Sandeep Lodha, CEO of Gaana, said, “The idea of Gaana for Artists germinated from the thought to enable Indian music artists and emerging talent with data on audience preferences, a click away from their phones. This is going to be a revolutionary step in the music industry as artists can now access these insights in real-time and do not need to wait for weekly or monthly charts to gauge how their music is performing. Due to the pan-India reach and market share of Gaana, the available data is going to be comprehensive.” 

Composer Salim Merchant, said, “This new app from Gaana is going to address a big gap in the music industry with respect to audience data and I am very excited to use it and gather real-time credible insights on how my songs are performing across the country. The data from Gaana for Artists is going to be of immense help for established artists and also for upcoming singers and composers who will be able to understand audience behaviour immediately after releasing a track. Gaana has done a great service to the Indian music artists’ community by launching this app.”

Haryanavi singer Renuka Panwar, said, “With the industry being so dynamic, it is very critical for us to get real time performance of our latest releases all in one go at one place. Gaana for Artists app does exactly that and is a great futuristic step for all artists in the industry, be it budding or established artists. We create for the love of our audiences and it is an opportunity for us to see real time insights of their response and see how our songs performed in the last day, week, month and year.”

Musician Anumita Nadesan said, “This is crazy and the musician in me is very excited about Gaana for Artists app. What I love most is the sharp and clear insights we get out of this. Be it the top playlist that is featuring my songs or the skip rate of songs, directly from the audience which is rarely available to us. As an artist, this adds value to our vision and work as well and Gaana is doing great work to build this holistic music community for artists and audiences together.”

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