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When it comes to fresh music we are undisputed with 70% of the market share- Miket Kanakia, Director, Novex Communications Pvt. Ltd.




Novex Communications was conceptualised as a firm that distributed television channels in commercial establishments. The management decided to venture into music rights using the existing supply chain and logistics. Novex today is a well-renowned name in Anti-Piracy, Copyrights and Public Performance Rights.

Novex Communications, recently announced a tie-up with South Indian film music label ‘Think Music’ in Chennai. This step will allow Novex to collect payments for the use of Think’s entire music library, for all on-ground events and performances and also opens up the avenues in the southern states for them. Novex had earlier announced a pan India deal with music label Tips Industries Ltd. Novex currently also holds the rights to music from labels such as Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, Eros International Media Ltd.

Novex indulges in providing the public performance rights of sound recordings for performances in hotels, restaurants, lawns, night clubs, resorts, malls and other venues where music is played with commercial interests in mind.  In a pre-emptive move to prevent piracy of its music catalogue, Novex Communications had got an injunction from the Hon’ble Bombay High Court, Madras High Court, Kolkata High Court and City Civil Court, Hyderabad against hotels and other establishments across India in the last week of 2018. This injunction restrained several leading hotels from public performance of copyrighted music without obtaining the appropriate license from the copyright holder. This is of significance as Christmas and New Year Parties were on the anvil.

To get a better understanding about the functioning of Novex, we spoke to Miket Kanakia, Director of Novex Communications.

“We aim to monetise our assets mainly from commercial establishments. We have our network spread across the country in a DSA come self-owned office format,” said Miket Kanakia, director, Novex Communications.

Their in-house team keeps a track of all the events that are organised mainly through social media, advertisements and communications by the organisers. Novex had filed an FIR at the Hinjewadi police station (Pune), in 2018, against the event organisers, Sameer Pawani & Manish Lanjekar (Directors of Four Pillars Event Management Services Pvt. Ltd.) as they had continued with the scheduled ‘Da-Bangg’ tour without paying for the public performance rights. NOVEX had also filed a case against the directors of Wadhwan Sports Pvt. Ltd, for performance of unauthorised songs during a Indian Super League football game in 2017.

“Mostly we do it at venues where we have our presence as it difficult to monetise it where we are not present on-ground. We trace events mainly through social media, advertisements and communications carried out by the organisers,” said Miket.

What makes Novex stand out from similar rights societies is that it is a private limited company. It does not function on commission basis but buys the music rights outright. This ensure that its performance as a company does not hamper the artiste’s royalty collection.

“How we monetise is our headache, we ensure the artist is paid on day 1 of our contract. The artistes do not have to worry about how Novex is performing as a company. If we can monetise it properly, if we can utilise our resources efficiently we make money or else we don’t but we ensure that the artists are not affected,” asserts Miket.




Novex buys the rights on a yearly basis from the music labels and not from the artistes. They buy out the rights to the music label’s entire catalogue for the duration of their contract. This makes the process of royalty distribution much simpler as it is easier to track the music labels rather than the individual artistes. The music labels pay out the royalties to their signed artistes depending on their contract.

“We buy in bulk and this ensures we have a steady supply of fresh music which is the only thing that matters in the industry. Maybe we do not own as much volume as the other societies but when it comes to fresh music we are undisputed with 70% of the market share,” said Miket.

Novex does not work on an arbitrary model of collecting a certain amount and then paying the labels individually. The long term contracts with the music labels ensures that the artists are assured of their royalties and can concentrate on their moot job which is creating music.

“We pay the music labels a fair price in return for the music rights to their catalogue and so everybody who has contributed towards making the song gets a share of it which is how it should be,” opined Miket, adding, “We just look at the content, the quality, quantity and the rates are pre decided so everyone goes home happy.”

Initially, Novex avoided dealing with individual artists as it would take a lot of consolidation but now Miket is not averse to signing an individual artiste if the terms and conditions of the contract can be mutually agreed upon.

“In fact right now we are in talks with a major Punjabi artiste to buy his music rights and the announcement should be made soon,” signed off Miket.


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