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Folk, Fusion and more at the Paddy Fields 2018!



Folk is the most variant form of music in our country. Considering the vastness of the land and the love for music that we Indians share, every region has its own version of folk music. Now imagine a cocktail of Indian folk music infused with western instruments and electro sounds or even an amalgamation of various folk music from across the country. Paddy Fields 2018 promises to be just that platform for artistes from across genres to present their own take on folk and fusion music. To be held on the 6th and 7th October at the NESCO Grounds, Goregaon east, Mumbai, the fest shall host a vivid line up of musicians. From the superstar of Bollywood Amit Trivedi to the Mohan Veena inventor Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. With artists like Shantanu Moitra with his ensemble, Rahul Sharma – Gulzar Ganie, Shujat Khan-Malini Awasthi, Mangiyar Classrom, Deepa Nair Rasya and Merlin Dsouza with her Goan entourage Viva La Goa performing live fusion acts, this fest is a must go for every music enthusiast’s list this year.

In its 3rd edition this year, Paddy Fields is exploring the traditions of Indian music and will be addressing an age-old question ‘Did Indian classical music have its origins in folk music?’

Known as a music fest where the audience are introduced to folk music they haven’t heard earlier and watch artistes perform brand new music sets which they haven’t presented to their audience yet.

To have an idea about what can one expect from the artistes at the fest this time around, Music Plus spoke to a few of them who are performing Live.

Shantanu Moitra

Shantanu Moitra


The National Award winning composer will be joined on stage by his handpicked group of musicians including Kaushiki Chakraborty, Purbayan Chatterjee, Ani Choying and Ashwin Srinivasan. Shantanu shall be presenting the audience with an Audio-Visual experience about his journey of 100 days through the Himalayas.

“My performance is about a musical story telling of my experience in the Himalayas. The images that you will see on screen are shot by me. I will be playing the ukulele and some folk instruments plus I will be conducting too.” – Shantanu Moitra

When asked whether he would be performing any particular genre, the avid traveller replied, “I don’t know what genre I am going to perform, I don’t know kya hai yeh music. This music can be termed as Shantanu Moitra’s reaction to the Himalayas.”

Rahul Sharma

Rahul sharma


The Santoor maestro is known for his collaborations with international artistes like acclaimed pianist Richard Clayderman and keyboardist Kersi Lord, Deep Forest and closer home with legends like Ustad Zakir Hussain. The highlight of his performance at Paddy Fields 2018 will be his collaboration with Kashmiri folk singer Gulzar Ganie .

“This is the 1st time that my santoor along with my fusion band will collaborate live on stage with a Kashmiri singer and showcase not only Kashmiri tunes in a traditional manner but also spontaneously improvise towards a contemporary genre” – Rahul Sharma

The Sangeet Natak Akademi award winner will be performing on the opening night of the festival.

Deepa Nair Rasiya



Singer, composer and violinist, Deepa has taken her Carnatic music background into the stage of World Music. Her music is a unique blend of North and South Indian styles. Her 9 member ensemble has a majority of non Indians who are equally competent in Indian classical music as they are in jazz and blues.

“Fans can expect to hear our tribute not only to the great mystic poets of the subcontinent but also a tribute to the legendary Sufi artistes like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab and Abida Parveen ji who have immortalised some of this poetry in their powerful and unforgettable renditions. We bring you these classics adhering very much to the original concept but adding a dash of Britishness or an International/World music feel and flavour” – Deepa Nair Rasiya

This would be Deepa’s first performance in India. The audience will hear a very authentic and gimmick-free fusion in the truest sense of the word – of Indian and Western music.

Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Salil Bhatt

Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji and Tantree Samrat


Grammy Award Winner and Padma Shree Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt teams up with up with his son Salil Bhatt on the Satvik Veena,Vocalists Anwar Khan and Roshan Khan, Himanshu Mahant on the Tabla, Kutle Khan on the Khartal, Goram Khan on Dholak on 7 October. Named ‘Desert Storm’ this excellent line up of artistes promises to take the fans on a mesmerising journey of Rajasthani Folk music.

“Our listeners and fans can expect a Storm of a performance. Desert storm presentation is going to blow them away. It’s unbelievable energy and the power will be unprecedented” – Panidt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Merlin Dsouza and Viva La Goa



Paddy Fields 2018 will feature Merlin Dsouza and Viva La Goa as the closing act of the festival.

The Bandra girl is a musician whose work includes composing for film, albums, theatre and advertising has teamed up with a wide array of musicians and artistes for the closing act of the fest. Viva La Goa has an interesting mix of artists, right from a Chef who plays the Flugel horn, to a special guest, Palomi Ghosh, a Bengali actress who sings in Goan. Alongside them TOBBY’s a Goan Dance troupe shall be performing on stage.

“Being Goan…of course the wide influence of Portuguese Folk, Western Classical, Indian classical and Folk genres have all merged to bring forth an exciting blend of sounds. using local percussions like the Ghumat and the western mandolin and guitar piano trumpet saxophone and more…fuse to create Dulpod, Dekhni, Mando, Fado, Choral, Latin and more.” – Merlin Dsouza

Well that sure looks like a fun way to draw the curtains on the two day festivity that Paddy Fields promises to be.

Paddy Fields aims to enthral its audience with a unique conflux of Indian folk music along with pop, sufi, rock, jazz, classical and other genres over two days.

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