FanTiger drops debut NFT with Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma’s ‘9-9 Mashukan’

FanTiger, a dedicated music NFT marketplace, has launched its debut music NFT with Punjabi singer and actress Sunanda Sharma on It cements Sharma’s position the Punjabi music industry as she is the first woman from the state to release a song, ‘9-9 Mashukan’, as an NFT. 

Patrons of Sharma’s NFT will be able to purchase partial ownership of the song, royalty income, exclusive community access, limited-edition signed merchandise, and an opportunity to personally interact with the artiste. Every music NFT purchased through FanTiger is secure on a blockchain.

Prashan Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder, FanTiger, said, “We welcome Sunanda to the FanTiger family with her first-ever music NFT. She is leading the way to step into the world of bringing music closer to Fans everywhere and living up to her title of ‘Boss Lady’ given by her fans. NFTs have the power to strengthen engagement and deepen relationships between Sunanda and her fans worldwide.” 

He added that it’s the right time for Indian music to take its rightful place in the metaverse and that FanTiger is working to make this a reality for all Indian artists “Over the last few months, we have seen over 150,000 music lovers who have shown interest in our upcoming NFTs,” said Agarwal. “This is a significant milestone in the growth of the music and entertainment industry. FanTiger will continue to engage and innovate in the music NFT space for artists, music lovers, Fans and collectors.”

Sharma said, “NFTs are a revolutionary technology that has the potential to create a powerful impact on the Indian music industry. I have always been fascinated with the concept of NFTs, and now being able to sell my own is like a dream come true. FanTiger has been instrumental in bringing this industry to India and creating more opportunities for artists, big and small. I invite my fans and music lovers to be part of this revolutionary journey at FanTiger and support my music NFT. I look forward to leveraging NFTs to interact in new ways with my fans soon.” 

Sharma’s NFT comes shortly after FanTiger’s recent $5.5 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital. The company plans to use the funds raised to grow its team across Product, Tech, extend industry partnerships and onboard more well-known and aspiring Indian Artists. The music NFT marketplace aims to onboard 10 million fans into the community and spread education and awareness around digital collectables, including supercharging the careers of over 100,000 artists using NFTs. 

Listen to 9-9 Mashukan

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