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Facebook partners with music labels to license music on Facebook Gaming


Facebook will now allow gaming streamers to add copyrighted music in their videos. The social networking giant announced that it is partnering with music labels to open up a vast catalogue of popular music for Facebook Gaming Partners to play while live-streaming games.

These labels include Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Kobalt Music Group, BMG Publishing, and Merlin among others. Users can access a vast amount of music across a variety of genres – current pop hits, dance floor beats, hip hop, 80s classics and much more.

The catalogue will be available to all creators for free via Facebook’s Sound Collection. It will be available to

Facebook’s partnered creators right now but will be eventually be rolled out to all gaming creators.

Facebook added that the specifics of their licensing agreements are also confidential, so they are unable to disclose which songs are not covered but it will notify streamers about the music which may violate copyright issue.

The agreements cover livestreamed videos, and the on-demand versions of those same livestreams. Interestingly only short clips are also covered and long, edited videos aren’t.

“You are free to play music from your preferred source; for example, your preferred subscription service or downloads from your personal music collection. We are always looking for new integration and partnership opportunities, and we will keep you posted as new things become available,” stated Facebook.

Music rights vary around the world, and Facebook is working to secure licenses that cover more than 90 countries.

Here are some more general guidelines that might be helpful.

Facebook had recently struck a deal with The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) which enabled users to choose music from the IPRS repertoire to add in their videos on Facebook and Instagram, as well as other social features like Music Stickers on Stories.


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