Facebook announces Music Revenue Sharing for videos using licensed music

Facebook (Meta) has introduced Music Revenue Sharing that will allow video creators to incorporate licensed music in their videos, and earn a share of in-stream ad revenue. This feature is touted to be a new revenue opportunity for both content creators and music rights holders.

As per the announcement, video makes up half the time spent on Facebook and this feature has been “made possible through our partnerships across the music industry” and will be a “first of its kind at this scale, benefiting creators, our partners, music rights holders and fans”.

Video creators will receive 20% revenue share on eligible videos, with a separate share going to rights holders and to Meta. These have to be more 60 seconds long using licensed music and uploaded via Creator Studio or direct upload to your page.

Music or videos violating Facebook’s monetisation eligibility terms could face penalties such as demonetisation. Music revenue sharing is only available to creators who are eligible for in-stream ads and meet our monetisation eligibility criteria.

Music Revenue Sharing will start rolling out to video creators globally. To begin with, eligible videos will monetise from in-stream ads in the US, with expansion to the rest of the world to follow suit.

In an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Meta said the new launch has been made possible by the ‘Rights Manager tool’, which is “a video, audio and image-matching tool we developed at Meta to help content owners protect their rights and manage their content at scale”.

Visit the Meta help centre for more details

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