Dolby Atmos breathes new life into Rabindra Sangeet

As per the Dolby-led Kantar study, nine out of ten music listeners believe superior audio quality is important while streaming music on smartphones. Naturally, then the company has been on a steady futuristic mission to revolutionise the way India experiences music. Now they take a step back into the past with Hindusthan Records to revive an oft neglected albeit rich part of Indian music legacy. “We are very excited to remaster Rabindra Sangeet in Dolby Atmos,” says Pankaj Kedia, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories. “Recently, two tracks, namely ‘Eki Labonye’ and ‘Ontaro Mamo’ were mixed and released in Dolby Atmos at Hindustan Records.” Kedia believes that music resides in the heart of India with the country’s geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity contributing to a broad range of musical styles. Kolkata especially with its rich musical heritage of Rabindra Sangeet is a genre that is loved and celebrated.

Heritage and legacy

Founded in 1932, Hindusthan Records has been the brainchild of entrepreneur Chandi Charan Saha, who realised that Bengal’s music at the time had to be nurtured. Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore inaugurated Hindusthan’s studio by singing and recording several of his own compositions including the first ‘Tabu Mone Rekho’.

This was followed by Hindustan Records hosting some of India’s biggest musical talents Atul Prasad Sen, K.L. Saigal, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali khan, and many more. The record label and studio has been responsible to bringing to the fore, classical music, film songs, Baul and other folk genres. Now almost a century later, new technologies and forms of music are still celebrated at Hindusthan Records. “Rabindra Sangeet in Dolby will go beyond the ordinary listening experience by immersing you in the song, revealing details with unparalleled clarity and depth,” says Sovan Lal Saha, Director, INRECO Entertainment Pvt Ltd, the digital footprint of Hindusthan Records. “Whether it’s hearing the layers of instruments move all around you, catching the subtle breath a singer takes between lyrics, or feeling a bass drop wash over you, nothing brings you inside your music like Dolby Atmos. And hence, we believe that a new age technology like Dolby Atmos will attract more and more listeners to experience the magic of Rabindra Sangeet and get fully immersed in the beauty of the soundtracks.”

New way forward

For artists and creators, Dolby Atmos is a new way to create music with unprecedented fidelity while preserving creative intent. For the consumer, no matter what you’re listening to, songs now unlock new levels of emotions. “Whether you’re listening to music at home or on the go, you can experience the difference through leading streaming services and a wide range of compatible devices in the market,” explains Kedia.

This is evident in how the pandemic has shuffled people’s media consumption habits. Indians are now prioritising and seeking a premium experience in music, especially on their smartphones. They are also upgrading devices and actively reaching for a deeper connection with artists. Dolby Atmos Music is bridging the chasm by providing an enhanced musical experience. “We see Dolby Atmos Music being the format that creatives and consumers both will embrace for the music they love in the times to come,” says Kedia.

When it comes to Hindusthan Records, Dolby sees an alignment of values. To bring the record label to the 21st century and beyond, Saha says INRECO is committed to harnessing the power of the country’s digital revolution. They’ve recently commenced multiple projects in regions like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Bengal, Assam and the North-East; all mixed in Dolby Atmos. “Together, we embark on this journey to create and recreate beautiful music for the evolving Indian musical palate,” concludes Saha. “We will continue to adopt and adapt to new technologies and ensure more enriching musical outcomes, in the future.”

Listen to Hindusthan Records music here  

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